Sunday, June 7, 2020

2019-2020 Mosaic Basketball Hanger Box

2019-2020 Mosaic Basketball:  This showed up again in my little neck of the woods so I picked up a hanger and some packs to break.  Today is the hanger.  No Zion but Ja Morant is a great consolation prize.  These hangers have 4 Reactive Orange Prizms and a total of 20 cards.  As I said in my first post these aren't necessarily a favorite of mine but it's almost impossible to pass up any basketball you find on the shelves nowadays.
Also pulled this RJ Barrett NBA Debut insert.  New York has high hopes for the 3rd overall pick of the draft.  I like the Got Game? inserts because we see the background on the photo.  And this is a nice photo of Blake Griffin getting ready to slam it home.
I love the USA basketball inserts.  I pulled a Step Curry my first time and this time up is Sir Charles who won a couple of Olympic gold medals as part of Team USA including the '92 Dream Team.
The base cards didn't include the biggest stars of the NBA but I still grabbed a couple of key players.
De'Aaron Fox is a key to the Kings future as a twenty-two year-old up and coming star.  Pretty good box.  I'll show off the other packs I picked up at a later time but wanted to show off some cards fresh off the shelf.

20 – Total Cards
4 - RC
4 – Reactive Orange Prizms
1 – Got Game
1 – NBA Debut
1 – Give and Go
1 – Retired Great
1 – USA Basketball


  1. Cool Barkley. I always enjoy seeing Team USA cards. Do they make a parallel of that card? Like a refractor version?

  2. Looks like it has the same parallels as the base cards - Silver, Base Mosaic, Camo Pink, Genesis, Green, Reactive Blue, Reactive Orange, Red, Blue #/99, Purple #/49, Orange Fluorescent #/25, White #/25, Blue Fluorescent #/15, Pink Swirl FOTL #/11, Gold #/10, Green Swirl FOTL #/10, Pink Fluorescent #/10, Black 1/1.