Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 NFL Draft

It is done.  All 32 NFL teams have made their picks.  I am by no means an expert on the college players taken but do want to take a few words and address what my teams did to address their needs and of course touch on any other draft notes I think are worth touching on.  Buffalo was all over the place but I like their picks.  The first round brought a cornerback in Stephen Gilmore (pictured) who should help in today's pass happy league.  On defense they also picked up two linebackers as well as another defensive back.  On offense they went heavy on the offensive line drafting three to hopefully help protect Trend Edwards and open up holes for Fred Jackson.  Their last pick is a kicker with a big leg who would be a kickoff specialist.  Good idea but I'm never quite sure if these types of players are worth taking up the roster slot.  Overall I'm happy with their picks and think they address the needs of the team.

The Falcons big splash in this draft was trading for Asante Samuel of the Philadelphia Eagles for a seventh round pick.  They will have to suck up his contract and he isn't what he used to be but he is still a guy you can put on the outside by himself to defend any wide receiver.  Great pickup considering the price.  Atlanta went offensive line with their first two picks with a center and tackle.  They then took a fullback.  I like that as Michael Turner can always use another blocker to help free him up for runs.  They then went with two defensive lineman and a safety.  Atlanta didn't have a first round pick due to last year's draft day trade for Julio Jones but I thought the Falcons did well addressing concerns the team has at this point.

Since I'm near St. Louis and hear about them quite a bit through local radio and my buddies at work I'll look at their draft.  Not getting receiver Justin Blackmon in the first round was huge to local fans.  They zeroed in on him since day one wanting weapons for Sam Bradford.  The fact they traded down and went with the very unsexy pick of defensive tackle Michael Brockers had fans questioning their new coach.  If he hadn't addressed receiver in the second round I'm sure fans would have been jumping from rooftops. I would have liked to see them stay at the number six position in the first round and taken cornerback Morris Claiborne.   Otherwise the team's needs were addressed pretty well.  Still the conversations on Monday should be interesting.

The Redskins pick of QB Kirk Cousins in the fourth round made no sense after picking up RG3 with the second overall pick.....Cleveland taking another quarterback in the first round seemed to be a reach.  I understand if Colt McCoy isn't the answer but I have a hard time believing Brandon Wheeden is and I thought they could have addressed some of their many other needs.....New England finally traded up in a draft and went defense with their two first round picks.  They also took the Nebraska cornerback who was arrested for assaulting a cop in the seventh round.  He was projected as a second round pick so there could be some big upside to this pick.  Belicheck's defensive draft picks have not worked out that great as of late so he needs these guys to pan out..... The Titans draft a kid at tight end who has never played the position.  Taylor Thompson played defensive end his entire career at SMU.....

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