Monday, October 25, 2021

1993 Portfolio International Endless Summer

 1993 Portfolio International Endless Summer: This is the back of Ms. Tummond's card but I really liked the photo so we'll start here.  I like to add these to my October blogging as one, I do like this genre of cards and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Make sure you are checking out Collecting Cutch's Save Second Base campaign.  He does this every October on his blog to up breast cancer awareness.  Check out what he does and you can visit the National Breast Cancer Organization to donate or get educated. 
Portfolio put out this ode to summer specializing in ladies in swimsuits...I think that middle one is a swimsuit.  I like their logo and this design.  
The backs might honestly be my favorite part of the cards.  You'll see different photos and I find them to be better photos overall.  You'll get a quick write-up specific to the model.  It works.
The cover cards are an insert while the Wild Wave (center) cards are parallels which I like.
Again some really nice photos on the backs as well.
Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to check out Cutch's blog this month and year around.  We'll end it with one of my favorite pun intended.  

10 - Total Cards
1 - Cover Card
1 - Wild Wave Parallel

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Score Football Blaster with Relic

2020 Score Football:  This design isn't my favorite from Score but I think it's growing on me.  Maybe it's just this nice airborne shot of Ezekiel Elliott or all the great photos from this box. 
Really good pull in this blaster.  
Photography on many of these cards really is good.  
Plenty of variety when it comes to Score.  Inserts and parallels help you from getting bored and give you more chances at star players. 
My relic. Seattle may be struggling but this guy is really good.
Really enjoying the photos on these cards.
Plenty of rookie star power as well I like the collage unis and logos.

I just don't get the Deep Dive inserts.  I try but just can't figure them out.  Fun blaster with a really good pull.  I picked this one up over a year ago but finally got around to posting it.  I enjoy looking back at these.  You get to see the Sammy Watkins card one more time.  I'm a fan of his and this is a great photo.

132 – Total Cards
35 – RC
6 – In the Zone
5 – Gold Parallel
4 – 3D
4 – Next Level
4 – Deep Dive
2 – Game Face
2 – Huddle Up
1 – 1st Score Relic

Monday, October 18, 2021

1993 Star Hooters Calendar Girls

 1993 Star Hooters Calendar Girls: I like to add these to my October blogging as one, I do like this genre of cards and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Make sure you are checking out Collecting Cutch's Save Second Base campaign.  He does this every October on his blog to up breast cancer awareness.  Check out what he does and you can visit the National Breast Cancer Organization to donate or get educated. 
The cards are simple but work.  We get photos which I assume are from their calendar shoots.  I actually prefer those of the gals in their Hooters uniform but I'm not complaining.  
Basic information on the backs of the cards.  I assumed the photos on the left were of the ladies on the front but the more I studied them <insert joke here> I don't think they are.  You'll find some of the same photos on different card backs and the ladies are from different Hooters locations in different states.
The hair definitely dates some of the ladies and photos.  I was okay with the hair back then and I'm still good with it now.
Measurements are measured to the 1/2 inch...just saying.
Fun pack.  How could it not be fun?  There were a total of nine cards with no inserts.  Have a good day and give a hoot!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

2021 Donruss Football Hanger Box

2021 Donruss Football: Found some of these in the wild which made me happy.  I was thinking I might not get a chance to bust some of this brand.  This Mahomes was the highlight of the pack so we'll kick it off with him.  Can't say Mahomes is struggling with a 106.1 passer rating but the Chiefs are at the bottom of the AFC West standings which is not something we're used to in the Mahomes era.  Still Mahomes is a favorite of mine.  He's a Texas Tech alum and dude is just awesome.
This is definitely not a design I'm a fan of.  I can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't work for me.  
Plenty of photo variations which will normally be mask shots or sideline shots.  These aren't short printed but still fun alternatives.  
Young players can be found but I expected more than six Rated Rookies in the box of 50 cards.
Elite is in force with Legends (though it isn't listed as Elite but looks like Elite), Elite and Elite Rookies.  So there are Legends in the Elite series.  Not sure why they didn't just put them in the Legends Series.
The Rookies inserts have a good look to them as does the Retro Series cards. 
Even though I don't care for the design this was still a fun box.  The variations, retired legends and inserts give you good variety. 

50 – Total Cards
6 – Rated Rookie
6 – Photo Variations
4 – Retired Greats
4 – Red Press Proof Parallel
2 – Retro Series
1 – Gold Foil
1 – Highlights
1 – Elite Series
1 - Dominators
1 – The Rookies
1 – Elite Series Rookies
1 – Legends Series Elite

Thursday, October 14, 2021

American Horror Story: Asylum (Season 2)

 American Horror Story: Season two of AMS is rough but I enjoyed it.  An Asylum ran by nuns in 1964 is not all that it seems.  There's the sadistic doctor, paranormal aspects, and a murder mystery.  Jessica Lange was front and center as the star of this season playing the asylum's director.  She did a great job.  I enjoyed her and her character.  This is a rough series to watch.  Violence, blasphemy, and awkward scenes will make this a rough watch for the weak at heart.  It's not for everyone.  There are some pleasant returns if you make it through the season.  If you think it might be something you'd like it would be a good watch this spooky time of the year

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Random Wax: 2020-2021 Upper Deck Hockey

2020-2021 Upper Deck Hockey: Hockey season kicks off today so let's start off the season with a pack from last year.  First card up is two-time all-star Nathan MacKinnon who is also the 2019-2020 Lady Byng Memorial Trophy winner.  That trophy is the NHL's sportsmanship award.
Not a favorite design of mine but I always enjoy Upper Deck photography. 
Speaking of a nice photo.
Each pack comes with a Canvas insert.  The checklists are done well.  Anytime you can get photos on the front of a checklist it is a win.
Fun pack.  Wish I was more of a hockey fan but I always enjoy Upper Deck Hockey.  Hope to see the Flames and Bruins do well this year.

26 – Total Cards
1 – Canvas
1 – Upper Deck

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Random Wax: 2021 Donruss NASCAR Blaster

 2021 Donruss NASCAR: After today's race the NASCAR playoff field will be paired down to eight drivers so we kick things off today with some NASCAR.  Hailie Deegan is a big target for collectors.  This year is her first in the truck series.  She is currently 17th in the standings which gives her plenty of room for improvement.  
Plenty of veteran, youngsters, and retired greats in these cards.  Zane Smith is my favorite driver coming up through the lower series.  He's currently sits in 8th in the truck series. 
Aero Package inserts are good looking cards showing off both the driver and their rides.
Love the Race Kings cards.  Included here are Optic and orange parallels.

Plenty of orange parallels.  Seems like we could come up with a better color.  I do like the '88 Retro design cards. 
That Navy Blue parallel is #/199.  My all-time favorite driver, Rusty Wallace, makes an appearance on the NASCAR Classics insert.  Nice seeing them not shying away from the beer sponsors on the cards.
That Ty Dillon is a Retro 1988 relic. 
I enjoy the cars getting their own cards.
Another fun box of cards.  Lots of variety all around help this be a winner.  We'll end it with a favorite brand of mine with fan favorite, and favorite of mine, Clint Bowyer who is now an announcer in the booth. 

56 – Total Cards
14 – Retro 88
11  – Orange Parallel
10 – Silver Parallel
9 – Optic 
6 – Race Kings
6 – Retired Greats 
4 – Rated Rookie
3 – Orange Pulsar
2 – NASCAR Classics 
2 – Aero Package (1 – Checkers)
2 – NASCAR Classics (2 – Checkers)
1 - Car
1 – Elite Series
1 – Action Packed
1 – Navy Blue #/199
1 - Retro 1988 Relics
1 – Contenders (Checkerboard Parallel)