Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Random Wax: 2021-2022 Chronicles Basketball Blaster

21-22 Chronicles:  The play-in tournament, which I really don't like, starts today.  Atlanta will play in Chicago.  The Hawks aren't good but maybe they can beat the Bulls.  Fingers crossed, but I'm not putting money on it.
Great veteran pull in this box.  Tatum and the Celtics are by far the class of the Eastern Conference while Gilgeous-Alexander and Jokic are in the top three of the Western Conference.  Chronicles base design here.
Chronicles is really all about the rookies.  Cam Thomas and Jalen Green are really good players in the league.  Cam is averaging 22+ points per game this season.
Plenty of variety as well in this set.  I like this Playbook design.  Cade is another star that came out of this draft.  Just needs to stay healthy.
Big man Alperen Sengun has had a breakout season with the Rockets averaging 21 points per game and almost 10 rebounds per game.
Nice LeBron sighting on this Marquee card which is a design I like.
Davion Mitchell and Scottie Barnes are solid players in the league and I like that Elite design.
More greats from the league.  Absolute is another solid design for me.  Really enjoyed this box of cards.  Great pull and you don't get bored.
42 – Total Cards
29 – RC
6 - Absolute
6 – Chronicles
5 – Essentials
4 – Playbook
4 - Luminance
4 – Pink Parallel
4 – Rookies & Stars
3 – XR
3 - Prestige
3 – Marquee
2 – Panini Threads
1 – Crusade

Sunday, April 14, 2024

1991 Pro Set Football (4 Packs)

1991 Pro Set:  Another one of the boxes I purchased in March.  We'll kick it off with one of the best tackles the league has ever seen.  Anthony Munoz played in two Super Bowls, was a 9X All-Pro, 11X Pro Bowl selection and a member of the All-1980s Team.
Solid design here.  Similar to 1990 Pro Set (which I showed off last week) but different enough to make it stand out.  Still missing the team logo but I like the NFL logo being a part of the fronts.  Really good photography too.  Sterling Sharpe was soooo good prior to injury that cut his career short.  Shannon Sharpe is his brother and he was a 3X All-Pro, 5X Pro Bowler.
Bernie Kosar always felt like a guy fans liked, unless he was your starter.  He won a Super Bowl ring with Dallas after being traded mid-season by the Browns to Dallas in 1993.
Always enjoy getting coach cards and who doesn't hear "Playoffs?" in your head when you think of Jim Mora?
I like the 1990 Replay cards giving us highlights from the previous season.  It feels like these would work really well in cards today as well.
We have an Award Winner in that Ty Detmer card as well as a Dallas Public Service Announcement card and Official card.  More inserts in this set as opposed to 1990 Pro Set.  Not all are hits but I do like variety.
Another Award Winner card and a nice horizontal shot of Bruce Smith who looks like he has blood on his pants.  We do get a nice team helmet on the fronts here as well.
Love the art on these All-NFC teams which are part of Series I.  Joey Browner, Keith Jackson and Randall McDaniel on these.  All-AFC players are in Series II.
Solid players from the era.  What are the odds you'd get two players named Mark Carrier in the league at the same time?  There was also a receiver with the same name in the same era.
Tim McKyer won three Super Bowls during his career.  Two as a 49er and one with the Broncos.  He wasn't a starter in Denver and I don't remember him playing for them.
World League Football cards are part of this set.  They aren't bad but not a lot of names ring a bell.  Kerwin Bell's name did seem familiar but probably due to his time at Florida.
These hurt.  I love them as a set and concept.  Getting to see highlights from the Super Bowl is super cool.  But this game still hurts me deep.  
This NFL Newsreel card reminds us there was a war going on during that timeframe.
Who doesn't love Steve DeBerg?  He was always that guy who held down the fort on bad clubs until a team got their starter.  Unfortunately it wasn't until his age 36 and 37 seasons that he had two really good years, both with Kansas City going 21-10 overall.  By far the best seasons he had.
I like that the Award Winner cards included the college ranks.  These are so much fun and hold so many memories.  I'll show off more of over time.
60 – Total Cards
5 – World League Collectibles
4 – Coach
4 – Award Winner
4 – All-NFC Team
2 – Officials
2 – 1990 Replay
2 – Heisman Hero
2 – Super Bowl XXV Replay
1 - Dallas Public Service Announcement

Friday, April 12, 2024

2024 Topps Heritage Hanger Box

2024 Heritage:  Saw these on the shelves last night and picked up a box.  Two-time home run champion Pete Alonso will lead it off.  He anchors my fantasy team but needs to pick it up after a slow start.  Power is there but the average is ugly.
Not always a fan of Heritage as the older designs aren't something I'm a big fan of.  This 1975 design isn't bad though and it seems like they've gotten away from the closeup head and shoulders pics which dominated previous sets.  Big plus to me.
Alek Thomas has shown plenty of power in his young career but hasn't shown he can hit consistently.
I like these MVP cards.  You get to see cards of players the year they won the MVP.  Fairly simple but I like it.
I really like the All-Star designations for players.  Great add here.  That first card is the back of the 2023 MVP card and then we have the Pete Alonso back.  The MVP back is okay but it really feels like they could have done better.  The backs of the base cards are fine but really do look dark to me.
Great player combo here.
Overall, I like the photos.  I realized I never did pick up any 2023 Heritage.  Hmmmm
Leaders cards aren't that exciting.  Feels like they could use a baseball or something else like we see on the base design.
That Freddy Peralta is a Low-Numbered SP which make up the first 100 cards.  Not sure how they chose players for those 100.
I really like these but I do think there could be more variety in the subsets.
$14 for 35 cards is a tough sell even with the draw of the retro look and feel.

Love seeing retired greats as always.  Wish there were more.  That 1999 design is not appealing at all.  The colors on that Hank Aaron card as well as the Brewers uni just don't feel right but I'm always happy pulling him.  I like these enough that I might grab more of these.  We'll see.
35 – Total Cards
8 – RC
5 – Most Valuable Players
3 – Retired Greats
1 – SP
1 – All-Star
1 – Leaders
1 – Baseball Flashbacks

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

2023 Prizm Draft Picks

23-24 Prizm Draft Picks:  Seen the blasters of these on the shelves of this set but I'm not a shiny card guy and the price for the cards just doesn't work that well.  But when I saw packs on the shelf I thought why not.  You're chasing Wembanyama in these sets but you really need to buy in bulk to have a real chance.
Overall these are good looking cards in hand.  You might get someone good or someone who hasn't seen the court in these packs.  Desmond Bane is another veteran you'll find in the set.  At least we get to see their college unis.
Michigan alum Kobe Bufkin has actually seen the court this season averaging 4 PPG for the Hawks.
Red Ice and Green Parallels.  I really like the look of the red borders on these.  
We do get retired greats in the set but unfortunately they give us black and white photos which takes away much of the excitement of seeing these NBA legends.
The backs aren't great but they do have some color and the team logos which is a plus.  Not a lot of excitement for me in this pack.  Maybe a blaster with more cards would have helped with star power or even a Wemby card.  This will be my last pack of these but I am glad I checked them out.

10 – Total Cards
4 – RC
2 – Retired Greats
1 – Green Parallel
1 – Red Ice Parallel

Sunday, April 7, 2024

1990 Pro Set Football (4 Packs)

1990 Pro Set:  One of the boxes I mentioned Friday was 1990 Pro Set football.  Great cards and lots of fun.  Could have easily gone with L.T. or someone else to kick it off but I'll go with Art Monk.  Amazing receiver who won three Super Bowls with Washington.
This design is missing a logo but otherwise I like how clean it is and the NFL logo.  The photo gets to shine here so it's a win.  Always a fan of the Cowboy blue jerseys.  All three of these are nice photos of the Hall of Famers and that Rickey Jackson card really stands out.
The inclusion of coaches is great and I hit the jackpot here.  Jerry Glanville was always fun.
Some defensive standouts of the era.  The Kevin Greene photo is really nice.

Super Bowl Collectibles inserts.  These are cool.  The art and the notes from the game work for me.
A couple of really good receivers and a Randall Cunningham appearance as well.  Some Creamsicle greatness on that Ervin Randle card.
League Leader, Award Winner, and Hall of Fame subset cards.  Nice Thurman Thomas card and who doesn't like a photo of Jack Lambert where he looks like he's about to throw a punch?
Jerry Ball was a big man...but a very good big man (3X Pro Bowl/1X All-Pro).
Does it get better than actual photos from the Pro Bowl?  Love 'em!  Greg Kragen is open...
Look at those sack numbers!  Wow.  These cards are great fun.  I'll keep showing them off over time.  I have another 90s box of football I'll start showing off next Sunday.

60 – Total Cards
5 – Coach
4 – Pro Bowl
4 – Super Bowl Collectibles
2 – League Leader
1 – Award Winner
1 – Hall of Fame Selection