Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Random Wax: 2019 Gypsy Queen Baseball

Time to get back to some baseball cards.  This is my second pack of the 2019 Topps Gypsy Queen and I'm still pretty high on these.  This base SP of Ivan Rodriguez was a great pull.  I like the photo and enjoy seeing Rodriguez on new wax.
  A pretty good pull in this pack though Franco is off to a slow start and not helping my fantasy baseball team much.  These are three of the five green parallels I pulled.  I actually pulled a duplicate green parallel which was a bit odd.
Bellinger has been nothing short of spectacular having already broken the record for most RBI's before the 1st of May.  L.A. is also looking good early and like they can compete with anyone in the N.L.

The odd sized cards aren't my thing and pulling Nola didn't sway me any.  Fun pack, duplicate and all.  I'll definitely pick up more of these as I get the chance.  

23 – Total Cards
5 – Green Parallel
1 – Base SP
1 – Fortune Teller

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Cape Girardeau Comic Con

Went to the Cape Comic Con yesterday with the family as we celebrated a daughter's birthday.  This is a small comic con and really my first since the "Comic Con" name really went big.  While this was really for the daughter and the kid's enjoyment I am a big nerd so this was great for me as well.  There was plenty to look at and was overwhelming to an extent as well.  It also gave me a chance to wear my Green Lantern jersey which I've had for like 15+ years now.  I didn't purchase anything but still it was fun for me and the family.  
The highlight for me was getting a picture with Butch Patrick, AKA Eddie Munster.  I also got his autograph on a 2014 Golden Age card.  I only had a week to find a card for him to autograph.  I was really hoping for one with a still from the TV series but wasn't able to find one I liked.  Still it was great meeting him and getting to see the Munster cars which he takes around to each show.  

Avenger: Endgame - NO SPOILERS

They did a great job with Avengers: Endgame.  There were so many threads to the Marvel universe that were a part of this movie.  The old cliche' "I laughed, I cried..." definitely applies here.  It was amazing they were able to pull it off so well.  I thought they did a great job taking what we knew, and what we thought we knew, twisting it a bit, and giving us an excellent movie.  There were plenty of surprises as well as those "wow" moments that give you a small chill.  I really can't say too much and can't wait to actually talk to someone about it.  I look forward to seeing what others think as well.      

Friday, April 26, 2019

Move Avengers Comics From My Collection

Just showing off more of my Avengers comic collection as Avengers: Endgame should be in full swing today.  The Falcon is my favorite Marvel character so it isn't any surprise I'd want to showcase this comic book.  
Avengers Vol 3 #64 (April, 2003)

Another cool cover for me.  I've always kind of had a thing for Wasp and this cover sticks out for me.
Avengers Vol 3 #71 (November, 2003)

Another nice looking team shot on the cover.  I was always partial to Iron Man, Scarlett Witch, Vision and Hawkeye.  Captain America didn't really do it for me when I read comics but I really enjoy his character in the movies.  
Avengers Vol 3 #80 (May, 2004)

I really like the art on this one especially that of the ladies.  
Avengers Vol 3 #502 (September, 2004)

I have a few annuals as well.  I also have quite a few West Coast Avengers and the highlights from that run will be up on the blog sometime as well. 
Avengers Annual #12 (September, 1983)

Wizard, the popular comic magazine at the time put out specials pertaining to particular titles from time to time which were fun.  I like the cover here except for Thor's face.  Something is off there.  I subscribed to Wizard for years and really liked that magazine.

Again all these will probably go at some time except for a select few.  I'll look at showcasing other comics in my collection over time.  Below is my Avengers collection detailed out.
Volume 1   181-182, 230, 232-246, 248, 269, 271,360-369,371-375,400
Annual   12, 13,22
Volume 3   1 (Alternate Cover), 39,41, 50-84, 500 - 503
Finale   N/A
New Avengers   1-9, 12-17
Wizard   0
Wizard Special Edition   N/A

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Avengers Comics Volume 1 Single Issues

Avengers: Endgame comes up out today in some theaters and and thanks to the suggestion of Colbey over at Cardboard Collections I've decided to share some of my comics.  Seems like showing off some of my Avengers comics would be appropriate so here goes.  These are actual scans of my comic books and all are from Volume 1.  Avengers 181 has the Avengers being told they have to pair down to seven members -  Iron Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Captain America, Wasp, and The Falcon.  It doesn't work out that way but I loved the large group cover art so I picked it up many years ago.  I haven't read these in decades so I won't be going into detail on these - just showing a few off.  

I picked up Avengers #182 at the same time.  Neither are great stories per se but I purchased these at a time when there was no internet and finding information on back issues wasn't exactly easy.  Still these were nice pickups.
Avengers #181-182 (March-April, 1979)  

I'm a big Rhino fan so that's why this one get's shown off.  It seems like the Avengers are a bit overkill to go after a guy whose power is brut strength.  Sill I like Rhino for no good reason and here he is.  
Avengers 237 (November, 1983)

I just liked the cover of this one with the Spider-Woman out of body experience thing going on and the characters besides the bed.  Random but it stands out to me.  Avengers 246 (August, 1984)

There were of course shiny comics back in the day as in this foil cover.  I also really like the Black Knight.  I can't say I'm an expert on him but I always loved his look. Avengers #363 (June, 1993) 

I really like the art on this Vision cover.  Another character I like and I really enjoy his character in the movies.  From the actor to how he is portrayed I just really enjoy him as well as Wanda.
Avengers #367 (October, 1993)

I'll show off more Avengers comics tomorrow.  Below is the breakdown of my Avengers collection.  I don't purchase single issues anymore, preferring to do the trade paperbacks.  I plan on selling off the majority of my singles in my collection.  But selling comics is tough especially when they've sat for 15 - 20 years.  You have to figure out if each issue is special or just average for pricing, shipping is expensive, scan them or take photos and it is all time consuming.  But it is time.  Hopefully I'll find an easier avenue for selling it all off.  I'll share more of my comic collection over time.   

Volume 1   181-182, 230, 232-246, 248, 269, 271,360-369,371-375,400
Annual   12, 13,22
Volume 3   1 (Alternate Cover), 39,41, 50-84, 500 - 503
Finale   N/A
New Avengers   1-9, 12-17
Wizard   0
Wizard Special Edition   N/A

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Trail Blazers Beat Thunder 4 games to 1 in Round 1

The Portland Trail Blazers advance to round 2 of the Western Conference Playoffs thanks to an outstanding game five by DamianLillard including this spectacular last second three point shot from 37 feet.  You couldn’t ask for a better way to win the game and series.  His 50 points were key but this was about how well Portland as a whole played in this series against a very good Oklahoma City Thunder team.  Watching the games they played good team defense and had solid contributions all around.

As a team Portland shot 44% from the field and 40% from three while getting 33 and 24 points per game from Lillard and CJ McCollum.  Enes Kanter had a monster game one with 20 points and 18 rebounds while giving Portland 13 and 10 for the series. Maurice Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu played well rounding out the starting five.  But for me it was the team defense.  As a whole they sagged off Russell Westbrook letting him take outside shots which he didn’t hit consistently.  Paul George got his but you’re never going to “stop” great players like Westbrook and George.  You just hope to contain them which I think Portland did a great job of.

Still I have to think Lillard comes out of this series with a few more fans.  Those of us who are fans of the team already know how really good he is and he really shined this series.  He went toe-to-toe with Russell Westbrook and beat him while looking good doing it.  Hopefully Portland’s second round series will allow even more NBA fans to see how good this guy really is. 

Can’t wait to see who Portland’s round two opponent is and if you haven’t seen the ending to last night’s game – go watch it!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Random Wax: 2019 Topps Opening Day

A little baseball in honor of the Red Sox winning their first series of the year.  I still have a 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship t-shirt and hat.  I also had a hoodie with the design Pedro is wearing.  That championship was so special.  To the cards - these 2019 Topps Opening Day still keep on delivering for me.  I love this Pedro Martinez card.  He was so fun to watch and a character off the field - in a good way.  Great way to start this off.
    Some Red Sox mascot fun!
Those 150 Years of Fun inserts are great though the "fun" part is lost in some of the photos.
I was happy with my pull.  Plenty of fun cards and stars to keep me happy.
Great card and photo!
24 – Total Cards
4 – RC
2 – 150 Years of Fun
1 – Mascot

Sunday, April 21, 2019

2019 Topps WWE Raw

It looks like Topps will not have the WWE brand of cards this year but will have both this 2019 WWE Raw and maybe a Smackdown set later.  This set focuses on Raw roster cards.  I'm not familiar with all these wrestlers but of course John Cena jumped out as the top pull from this pack.  
The lovely ladies are a big part of the set as well they should be.  The card designs are OK but not great.  Each card has the same background which seems a big repetitive even with the in ring shots.  
The backs are simple but effective.  Font size is still a big issue.  There are also 205 Live wrestlers in this set who are a part of the Cruiserweight Divsion.
Here we have RC, Rowdy Ronda Rousey Spotlight, and Legends of Raw cards.  I really like the Lawler card.  Just sticks out to me as a cool photo.
  Those are the David Otunga bronze parallel and base cards.  Bummer getting a double but it works well for showing a comparison.
10 – Raw
3 – 205 Live
3 – WWE
2 - RC
2 – Hometown Heroes
1 - Rowdy Ronda Rousey Spotlight
1 – Legends of Raw
1 - Raw Women's Evolution
1 – Bronze Parallel

Saturday, April 20, 2019

2019 Topps Bowman

This is my first in hand look at the 2019 Bowman.  Last year I opened two 2018 Bowman blasters and two value packs chasing the hot Ohtani, Acuna, and Albies cards that were in the hot class of prospects.  Bowman is all about the prospects which means plenty of players I'm not familiar with and a few veterans interspersed to break things up.  Chrome cards provide a bit more variety. The basic design here is fine.  I really like the big team logos.  I do know Justus Sheffield so he seemed like a good place to start with this post.
The two current MLB players along with a 1st Bowman card.  I like the latter as it is a definitive statement as to a player's first card with the product.
I had a total of six chrome cards in my packs.  They of course the same as the standard Bowman cards just shinier and thicker.
These are Base Paper Prospects cards.  I have no idea what that means.
These are RC cards.  I can't tell you if my pull was great or not.  I just don't know enough about prospects.  Did I like what I pulled?  Yes.  Good enough for me.
The backs are OK though they required my reading glasses to read.  Font size people!  At a minimum on the card number please.  Otherwise the backs are fine.  The info they give you provides a small snapshot of these prospects who are not known very well to most of us.  I'm not chasing anyone in the set like I was last year so there is a good chance this is my last pack of Bowman for the year.  Still I like what I see but I'm just not a prospect guy.

19 – Cards
5 – Base Paper Prospects
5 – RC
1 – 1st Bowman
6 – Chrome
 - 1 – Talent Pipeline
 - 1 – 1st Bowman
 - 1 – 30th Anniversary Bowman

Friday, April 19, 2019

Random Wax: 2018 Donruss Football

This 2018 Donruss football pack wasn't my best pack I've ever opened but the design is still solid and inserts good.  There were definitely some stars here but just not in volume.  I really like the Gridiron Kings cards and Khalil Mack was the big headline at the beginning of the 2018 NFL season.  I don't know if trading him was the right call for Oakland but they got a pretty good haul for him.  We'll see what they do with the picks.  Chicago definitely got a stud to come off the edge.
Still some excellent players here including Jets legend Joe Klecko.  Personal favorite Larry Fitzgerald was the highlight for me.  
Howard and Berry are on the move this offseason while Goff, in this blue parallel, had his team in the Super Bowl before succumbing to the New England Patriots. 

30 – Total Cards
4 – Press Proof
2 – RC
2 – Rated Rookie
1 – Gridiron Kings
1 – Retired Legend

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

2018-2019 Status Basketball Cards

The Status basketball brand isn't necessarily my thing but it won't stop me from grabbing some to get eyes on.  This is the 2018-2019 Status basketball.  For what it is I like it.  This card is nice but I think the road or alternate unis with the color would work better on these.  There is already a ton of white and pastels here.  
  I pulled a Moritz Wagner rookie!  My first card of the former Michigan Wolverines standout.  The backs aren't bad but the colors don't thrill me.  The Mo Bamba Rookie Credentials is a pretty cool card.
Decent pull if not spectacular.  Kawhi Leonard is one of the greats in the league right now and a PC guy for me.  CJ McCollum will play a big part for my Blazers run in the playoffs.  That Clint Capella is an aqua parallel.  I like it as it takes that bright white background out of play.
Jurkic and Green will also be front an center in these playoffs as their teams are #2 and #1 seeds in the Western Conference respectively.  There should be some really good series this year.  I can't see me picking more of these but they are decent cards this year.  But never say never...

15 – Total Cards
4 – RC
1 – SSP Pursuit
1 – Aqua Parallel
1 – Rookie Credentials

Monday, April 15, 2019

2019 Donruss Baseball

Back to some baseball cards with the 2019 Donruss which I hadn't seen in hand before this pack.  Props for the design but it sure seems like a team logo would look great in that right hand corner.  I try not to hold the lack of MLB license against these but it can still be tough.  That said these are some good looking cards.  They didn't recycle an old design and went with something new and I think it worked.
  I was very happy with my pull.  Ozzie Albies was just signed long term and is one of Atlanta's core young players who will be the future of their team.  Chris Sale has struggled out of the gate while Jose Altuve is coming off a five homers in five games stretch.  Such a great hitter and PC guy for me.
 That Tellez is one of six retro RC cards I pulled.  I'm not a fan of the '85 design but I get what they are going for.  These are the Matt Chapman base and photo variation cards.  Variations aren't a bad thing but they can be a lot of work trying to find out if you have them.  I end up looking at my packs twice to figure these things out after I've looked up the list or photos.
The Diamond Kings are OK again utilizing the '85 Donruss design.  The Matt Carpenter is an Independence Day parallel.  I like it better than the base design here.
The backs are pretty plain but that isn't unexpected with Panini Donruss.  Zilla is a nickname variation.  Overall I like the cards but not blown away.  I can see me picking more of these up though they may not be my first cards I reach for.

30 – Total Cards
6 – Retro RC
4 – Photo Variations
3 – Diamond Kings
2 – Rated Rookie
1 – Holo Red Parallel
1 – Nickname Variation
1 – Independence Day Parallel