Friday, July 31, 2020

Mail Day from Bump and Run Football Card Blog

 Trevor over at the Bump and Run Football Card Blog sent me some cool cards after I commented on one he was showing off on his blog.  These aren't all the cards but some of my favorites.  This Andre Rison is my favorite of the lot.  It has a cool design and photo.  Rison averaged 90 receptions and 1100 yards per season in his five seasons with Atlanta.  He was also good for a little drama here and there but was always entertaining.  
 I always like Bobby Hebert though his years in Atlanta weren't fruitful. One of my favorites in Devonta Freeman.  Injuries shortened his peak but he was fun as a Falcon.
 These guys were all big reasons their teams went to the Super Bowl.

 Those Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron cards is one of my favorite sets.
 Finding a good Quarterback has been a tough road for the Bills after the Jim Kelly days.  
 I didn't know these Bowman Road to the Super Bowl cards existed.  I'm excited and will have to track these down.  
The aforementioned card I liked on his blog was this diecut Chuck Finley.  I like Finley and this is a nice design.  Thanks to Trevor for the great cards and hope I can return his generosity soon.  

Thursday, July 30, 2020

2019 Panini Toronto Raptors NBA Champions Basketball Cards

2018-2019 NBA Champions Toronto Raptors Set:   The blasters for these contain a complete 30 card set of the 2018-2019 NBA Champs Toronto Raptors.  I've always been curious about these and being a Kawhi Leonard fan I grabbed this box when I did a Dave & Adams purchase recently.  I think the 2017-2018 Warriors were the first team Panini did this with.  Speaking of the man this photo has him with the Championship Trophy as well as the trophy he took home for being the NBA Finals MVP.
  Most of the photos were taken just after the series ended though there are a few in game photos as well.  While static photos aren't usually a preference seeing players with the trophy after winning the Championship is pretty cool.
The design is basic but I like it.  The basketball texture look at the bottom is pretty cool.  

This was a fun series.  I didn't have a dog in the fight but it was hard not to root for Toronto who had never won a Championship.  Aside from Kawhi Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam were huge factors in them winning a championship and really stepped up their games. 
Fred VanVleet, Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka and Danny Green also were key to Toronto taking home the Gold.  The backs had write-ups specific to each player and showed these were "limited" sets.  How they came up with 49,286 I'll never know.  These are pretty affordable and I'm really glad I picked one up. Maybe I'll track down one of the Warriors sets.  I love the NBA and have no issues being excited for players I like or different teams when they win it all.

30 – Total Cards
15 - Player Cards (with Trophy)
8 - Highlight Cards
3 - Celebration Shots Cards
1 - Raptors Team Logo Card
1 - Raptors Team Card
1 - Nick Nurse Head Coach Card
1 - Kawhi Leonard MVP Card

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Random Wax: 1990-1991 Skybox Basketball

 1990-1991 Skybox Basketball:  Another break from that Amazon basketball pack lot purchase.  I love this set.  It screams 80s/early 90s but I dig it.  Pulling The Admiral is icing on the cake.  He looked so smooth on the court for a seven footer.
 Orlando Woolridge is a guy I always liked.  While defense wasn't the name of his game dude could score.  I also liked Walter Davis and Kiki.  Kiki was another score first/"what is defense?" guy.  Walter Davis is a player that was very consistent and so good during his career.  He was 2 X All-NBA, 6 X All-Star and Rookie of the Year so I wouldn't say he was underrated but he is a guy we should all appreciate more.
 Gerald wasn't near as good as older brother Dominique Wilkins but still a solid player who was also good on the defensive end of the floor.  Terry Porter was a huge part of those great Trail Blazer teams.  He could shoot, dish and was an excellent overall floor general.  This was a fun pack and trip down memory lane.

15 - Total Cards

Sunday, July 26, 2020

1991 Fleer Football

 1991 Fleer Football: This pack was part of an Amazon football pack lot purchase I did earlier this year.  This set is one of those I've never cared for.  The blank background, blah design, and lack of team logo just make this one not much fun to look at in my book.  I'm sure someone out there loves it...just not me.  Boomer Esiason was easily the highlight for me in this pack.
 The backs are actually a bright spot.  Colorful, team helmet, good stats and another photo.  Good stuff.  Injuries derailed Bobby Humphrey's career while Ickey, a solid running back for Cincy, will always be known for the Ickey Shuffle
 So not the most fun pack for me but it is definitely fun going down memory lane with some of these players.  

14 – Total Cards

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Random Wax: 2017 Topps WWE Women’s Division Blaster

 2017 Women's Division:  I really like the Women's Division cards so when I saw this at Dave & Adams I quickly added it to my cart back in May.  It was for the normal cost of a blaster.  Alexa Bliss is my favorite lady wrestler right now and this is a pose she likes.  I do too.  I'll mostly let the cards do the talking here but for me it's really hard to pass these up when I see them.  
 Each blaster comes with a relic.  This one is #/199.  
 I think the ladies really shine in this set.  WWE has so many good stars which makes Topps' job easy.
 Charlotte Flair always has a nice presence in the Women's Division sets.

 Great photos throughout.  More action shots would always be on my want list but they do have some good ones and plenty of in ring photos. 
 I really like that WWE Legends are a part of these sets.

 I really enjoy these blasters.  Plenty of variety and fun.  I'm seriously considering a hobby box for this year's set.  I doubt I'll get one but man I want to pull the trigger.  

81 – Total Cards
40 – Roster
  -- 11 – RAW
  -- 11 – Legends
  -- 10 – NXT
  -- 7 – SmackDown Live
  -- 1 – WWE
40 – Matches and Moments
1 – Mat Relics

Thursday, July 23, 2020

2020 Topps Baseball Series 2 Blaster

 2020 Topps Baseball Series 2:  I could have gone with Opening Day here but this shiny new blaster is my first look at Series 2 cards.  Design is the same as Series 1 and I'm still a bit meh on it but if you don't care for the design there was plenty of variety to keep you busy.  This Freddie Freeman card in his retro uni is one card I was really hoping to pull and boom there he is.  Not the last you'll see of him in this blaster which also came with a relic found in these boxes.   
 This is not the Andrew McCutchen you were hoping for...
 We get looks at players in their new unis.
 Turkey Red isn't necessarily my thing but when you get an all-time great it really helps right?  Not only did I get the regular Griffey but also the Chrome.  Can't beat that.
 Jim Rice is an all-time favorite so that was a big win and that Killebrew is SSP.  Another legend on a Turkey Red as well.
 Younger players get their day in the spotlight as well.  No clue what parallel that Jake Fraley is.
 The Slater is #/2020.  Great to see Dustin Pedroia on cardboard even if it's doubtful he'll see meaningful time on the diamond again.  Kim will make his major league debut this year.
 Those Empire State Award Winners is a Pete Alonzo insert set.
A few inserts.  I'm good with all these.  Not saying I have any clue what xISO is but I'm good with a Trout card any time I can pull one.  This was a fun blaster.  I thought my pull was a good one and I was happy with my inserts.  This Freddie Freeman ends us on a high note.  Play ball!
99 – Total Cards
8 – RC
7 – Turkey Red 2020
6 – Retired Greats
3 – Future Stars
3 – Topps All-Star Rookie
2 – Empire State Awards Winners
2 – 1985 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary
1 – Team Card
1 – Rainbow Foil
1 – Decades Best
1 – SSP Variation
1 – Significant Statistics
1 – Gold Parallel #/2020
1 – Turkey Red Chrome 2020

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Contenders Football

 2019 Contenders Football:  Another pack of this set which I like.  I still see packs of these available in stores.  I like seeing retired greats in these sets.  While Aikman was not nice to my Bills in their two Super Bowl match ups he is still a good place to start with this pack.  
 I think this is one of the Contender brand's better designs.  As a reminder the Section/Row/Seat are the players weight/height/jersey number.
 I like the designs on both of these inserts.
 Murphy started 16 games for the Cards last year while Isabella had only 9 receptions in 15 games.  A fun little pack with good pull.  

22 – Total Cards
1 – Retired Great
1 – MVP Contenders
1 – Green Parallel
1 – Round Numbers
1 – Legendary Contenders
1 – Rookie of the Year Contenders

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Ben's Cards and Collectibles Multiple Sports Breaks

 Ben's Cards and Collectibles Box Breaks:  If you haven't checked out Ben's box breaks please do so.  The prices are reasonable, he has a good variety of all four sports, and allows stacking.  With 2017-2018 Panini's Status Basketball breaks you won't get a ton of cards but you have a shot at some good cards.  I grabbed Atlanta and Portland in this break and nailed it with this Damian Lillard blue parallel #/199.  Sweet card.  No way I can show off all the cards Ben shipped out but this post will show off some of my favorites.

The 2017-2018 Donruss Basketball break allowed me to grab Atlanta, Golden State and the Spurs.  Atlanta didn't yield much but that wasn't a good team but the Warriors allowed me to get favorite Steph Curry while the Spurs yielded favorite current player Kawhi Leonard in spades.  

This press proof All Clear For Takeoff Kevin Durant was a great pull from the break.
A couple of football breaks gave me some of the Falcons greats.  Warrick Dunn is a PC guy for me as well.
I'm a casual hockey guy following the Flames and Bruins.  This was my first hockey box break and it was of 2019-2020 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey. I really like the photos on these.  

 And of course there were baseball cards.  I was able to snag both the Braves and Red Sox for a 2020 Topps Series 1 break and these are a few of the highlights.  
 2018 Donruss baseball again netted me Braves and Red Sox pulls.  That Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts are both name parallels.  Have to love the Xander Bogaerts photo as well.
 No idea what parallel the Benintendi is on the left.  The Mookie DK is a blank back parallel and then another name parallel for Benintendi.
 Just some great Braves pulls. 
These are favorites of mine and I really like that photo on the Tom Glavine card. So much fun in these breaks.  Make sure you check out Ben's breaks and thanks to him for doing such a great job with these.  Ben has also started up Ben's Cards and Collectibles BST Group which is another fun group that he just launched.