Tuesday, March 26, 2019

2019 Atlanta Braves Quick Look

The Atlanta Braves were the surprise team in the National League if not all of the majors as they won 90 games and the N.L. East in 2018.  This offseason should have been one of excitement but outside of the signing of Josh Donaldson the team has made few changes.  Mike Foltynewicz, the #1 starter, is hurt and the team is opening the season with Julio Teheran and two rookies as the starters for the first three games.  This isn't a good sign.  It seemed like pitching was an obvious need and when Gio Gonzalez can go to the Yankees for only $3M I don't understand how the Braves didn't try to pick up an additional starter.  Defense and the superb offense led by Ronald Acuna Jr and Freddie Freeman will have to carry the team unless I'm missing something.  I'm a bit more comfortable with the bullpen but again it seems there were arms to be had on the free agent market.  I like Donaldson but it seems the money spent on adding him to an already excellent offense might have been better served helping the rotation and bullpen.  

This team is good but the division got much better when you look at what Philly and the Mets did.  I think Atlanta has the talent to win it all this year but I think the division schedule will be tougher.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm excited but like many true fans, until I see them doing well, it is easy to think the worst.  Great season in 2018 and I'm hoping to see even better things this year...no matter how much I fret.

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