Tuesday, October 30, 2018

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Low Series Hobby Box

I picked up this box of 1990 Upper Deck baseball at the card show this month.  At $5 it is a no brainer.  Junk wax?  This set definitely won't make you any money but still this was part of those first sets from Upper Deck that blew us all away at the time.  This was Ken Griffey Jr.'s second Upper Deck card and he was the buzz of the card collecting community.  The box had a total of 540 cards so I more than got my money's worth.  It is fun opening all those packs and reliving the memories.  The photos on the back are always a nice bonus.  Sometimes you do have to wonder why a nice action photo on the back wasn't used in place of a head shot that was actually used there.  My scanner didn't always like the white borders but it didn't take away from how nice these cards look.    
A staple of Upper Deck for a time was the team checklists which contained art of one of the team's stars.  I love these cards across all the Upper Deck brands.  I didn't pull a complete set of these but I was close.
Three of my favorite cards from my pull.  The Gary Carter is a simple photo but I really like this card.  
These are some of my all-time favorite players.  That doesn't always mean they are the best photos - I'm sure Bob Walk would like a do over on this one.  Look at that hair Dave Stieb is sporting.  Nice. The Dennis Eckersley card really stands out with a great action photo.
Some of the league's stars are represented here.  The Kirby photo is a great shot of him smiling.  I thought it was funny that the photo they chose of Mark McGwire was of him running not that it isn't a good photo.  Barry Bonds looks all not happy which is about what you'd expect. 
540 – Total Cards
36 – 3-D Team Logo Hologram Sticker
22 – Star Rookie
17 – Team Checklist
8 – Checklist
4 – Special Accomplishments

Sunday, October 28, 2018

2015 Panini Gridiron Kings Hobby Box

I've wanted to bust a box of the 2015 Gridiron Kings football since I first saw them.  I love this design.  I thought I had put something up on the blog before but it doesn't look like it.  The color, design and "photo art" really appeal to me.  So at the card show last weekend I couldn't pass up this hobby box which had a guaranteed autograph and relic in each box.  My auto was this Paul Hornung All-Time Stat Kings autograph.  I was super excited to pull this great looking card.  While I am by no means a Hornung expert I know he is an all-time great by every measure and not one I see cards for.  
 Again I was a big fan going in and was excited seeing all great looking cards I pulled.  The design really isn't over the top but a cool artsy look.  
  Plenty of star power in these boxes.  I was very happy with my pull.
The inserts were nice keeping with a similar color/photo theme being just enough different to make them a nice change of pace from the base cards.  

Each pack came with framed cards.  Those I pulled were either brown, blue or red.  Not sure if others like these framed cards but they don't do anything for me.  The design is OK I guess but it seems unneeded.  I'm sure others appreciate them more and I'm good with that.
This was my relic.  Nice looking card.  Bottom line is this box was a lot of fun.  Plenty of great cards and stars.  I'm a happy collector.    

96 – 12 Packs X 8 Cards Per
11 – RC (7 – Brown, 3 – Red, 1 – Blue)
10 - Retired Legends
9 – Base Red Frame
5 – Limited Lithos (3 – Brown, 1 – Red, 1 – Blue)
4 – All-Time Stat Kings (3 – Brown, 1 – Red)
2- Base Blue Frame
1 – AKA
1 – Aficionado
1 – Expressionists
1 – New Aesthetic
1 – All-Time Stat Kings Signature #/49
1 – Art Nouveau Jersey

Friday, October 26, 2018

2018 Topps Fire Baseball

The 2018 Topps Fire is similar to last years and again didn't wow me like it's football counterpart has in years past.  I think the design behind the players is off putting and doesn't do the photos any justice. I definitely won't be picking more of these up but I'm sure some folks will find these appealing.  This Ichiro was the highlight of my pack.  It is nice seeing more of his cardboard after such an amazing career.  
  This wasn't the greatest pull but a Hall of Famers and a Hall of Famer in waiting is never shabby.  Again this set just doesn't do it for me.  Maybe the player photograhs just get lost in all that crazy color.
I did like pulling a Jose Altuve but these Blue Chip Parallels are just "eh" for me.  

12 – Total Cards
2 – Retired Greats
1 – Fired Up Blue Chip Parallel
1 – Power Producers Blue Chip Parallel
1 – Base Blue Chip Parallel
1 – Unkown Shiny Card

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Dale Murphy Autograph - St. Louis Card Show

I had a great time at the one card show I attend every year this last Saturday.  I was so excited because I was able to get Dale Murphy's autograph on this Edward Vela sketch card.  I was first in line and was so excited I was a bit tongue tied but still managed to get out how much fun it was growing up watching him play and how big a fan I was.  For the record I was wearing a Dale Murphy t-shirt.  I haven't gotten an autograph in 30 years but there is no way I was going to miss out on this. 

Murph was a huge part of the Braves teams of the eighties.  Murph was so dominant for a time and a two-time MVP.  The World Series starts tonight so it seemed a good post for today even if Murphy never was able to appear in one. 
The card show is put on by After the Game, Inc.  The shows are of course St. Louis sports heavy to include signers but they do a good job of bringing folks from other teams in as well.  Over the next couple of weeks I'll start posting my finds from the show which included singles and a few boxes of cards. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Red Sox to the World Series Against the Dodgers

 The Boston Red Sox are back to the World Series.  While a favorite to make it after a 108 win regular season the post season offers no promises.  It wasn't easy even if they did only lose two games in their series with New York and Houston.  Now the Red Sox will play a Los Angeles Dodgers team with plenty of firepower on offense and pitching I think can match Boston's.  I think the Chris Sale - Clayton Kershaw matchup could be epic - or at least i hope it will be.  After that I'm comfortable with Nathan Evaldi but you have to wonder what David Price will give the Sox.  His last outing was excellent but before that he was receiving an ovation for not losing a game over four innings.  The Red Sox bullpen is good but I'm not quite sure it is stacked enough to win a bunch of bullpen games.  Bottom line is I'm excited the Sox are in the World Series and I think they have a great chance to take it all.  Even better this is set up to be a very good series.  Go Sox!    

Random Wax: 2017-2018 Prestige Basketball w/auto

These 2017-2018 Prestige basketball cards are a good set.  I've had some good pulls from these packs to include a Jayson Tatum auto.  This auto was of Dwight Powell whose career so far is unremarkable but he is not a nobody.  So definitely a good pack that I found in the bargain bin at the local Wal-Mart.  David Robinson is a personal collection guy so this was a great card to find.  
  Stat Stars insert and a couple of the parallels - Micro Etched Green Rookie and Rain parallels.  
A nice pull apart from the auto itself.  These three need no introduction.
I really hope Gordon Hayward can come back from injury and regain his all-star form.


30 – Total Cards
6 – RC
2 – All-Time Greats
2 – Retired Greats
2 –Rain Parallels
1 – Stat Stars
1 – Stars of the NBA
1 – Bonus Shots Signature
1 – Micro Etch Rookies Bright Green

Friday, October 19, 2018

2018 WWE Women's Division Blaster Box w/Auto

I missed out on these last year so for the last year I've been waiting and jumped on the 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division cards when they came out.  It's been a very long time since I followed wrestling but enjoy kinda knowing what's going on if that makes any sense.  I love how the women's division has taken off in popularity.  Great combination of drama, good looking athletic ladies and more fun wrestling.  There were a total of 71 cards in my blaster including this auto of Candice LeRae which is a bronze parallel numbered /75.  Don't know much about her but this is her 1st Card and I'm excited to have pulled it.  The only downside is you can see some wear on the bottom right corner right out of the pack.  It is very slight, and not even noticeable in the scan, but enough to dampen the enthusiasm a bit.  This beauty is up for trade.  As much as I like the card I'm not really into autographs so let me know if you are interested.  Also, if you get a chance take a look at The Raz Card Blog's break of three boxes of these cards.  He definitely pulled some nice cards and you'll see a few of the inserts I didn't get in his good post.

I grabbed the Ronda Rousey rookie card which a was a win.  I like Charlotte Flair so those cards of hers that I pulled will go into my personal collection.  I knew many more of the names than I thought I would.  I know I've watched WWE Divas TV series a few too many times which helped me recognize a few of the ladies.
 I really like the design of these cards.  The limited framing, the coloring on the left side of card and the really nice photos makes this a set I am really enjoying.  While the action photos really stand out to me the other shots don't seem boring to me at all.
Plenty of variety here as Topps highlighted legends, current stars and rookies as well as matches and events across the WWE platforms.  I definitely didn't get bored with my pulls.
I grabbed this blaster off Amazon for $16.95 (free shipping with my Amazon Prime)!  Not sure why the low price but the same seller has bumped the price back up to $19.95 which is the norm.  I was definitely in the right place at the right time.
I like these cards enough I'm definitely considering going back to pick up a blaster of the 2017 Women's Division cards.
The Power Couples cards weren't my favorite but I do like that legends were included here alongside current WWE couples.  I pulled two Randy Savage Power Couples cards and must say Miss Elizabeth was a much better "manager".  

7 Packs X 10 Cards Per + 1 Hit Pack
71 – Total Cardds
18 – WWE
11 – Power Couples
9 – NXT
9 - Memorable Matches and Moments Mae Young Classic
8 - Memorable Matches and Moments NXT
6 - Memorable Matches and Moments SmackDown Live
5 – Women’s Royale Rumble
2 - Memorable Matches and Moments Raw
2 - Memorable Matches and Moments Raw
2 – 1st Card
2 - RC
1 – WWE Legend
1 – Roster Updates Autograph Bronze #/75

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October Trade Post #3 - Basketball

With the NBA starting today it is a perfect time to look at the NBA cards that Chris Sutherland from the blog, The Collector, sent me as a part of our trade this month.  Chris really knocked it out of the park with the basketball cards as they were chock full of my personal favorites.  I know this takes a great deal of effort and it is much appreciated.  This Detlef Schrempf card is my favorite of the bunch.  Just something about the look on his face, the colors on his warm ups and that flat top.
 Some favorite big men of mine.  I love Arvydas Sabonis and truly believe that if he had come to the NBA at a younger age his career would have been one we talk about a lot more.  I've never seen those SkyBox Premium cards before.  This one combines three of my favorite elements - Timmy Duncan, all-star uni /card and the photo actually being from the all-star game.  Hakeem also has the same greatness on this card which was a gold parallel.  I'm digging 'em.
More favorite players of mine.  Almost all of what I received are cards I don't have which is a great bonus.  Some are either sets from times when I wasn't collecting or just sets I didn't have the chance to collect.  
 I definitely collect some guys that others don't.  Spud Webb isn't that unique I'm sure but this is a great card and I believe the photo is from the slam dunk competition he won against Dominique Wilkins in 1986.  Truth be told Dominique was better in the contest but I won't lose any sleep with Webb taking home the trophy.  Trent Tucker and Eddie Johnson are two of those top ten all-time guys for me.
A few of my favorite current players from the league.  I hated seeing Kawhi Leonard leave the Spurs.  I really like Aaron Gordon and am hoping he can keep making strides in his game after signing a max deal to remain with Orlando this year.  King James - nuff said.  This was just a small representation of the basketball cards Chris sent me and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

October Trade Post #2 - Football

Again I'm looking at my recent trade with Chris Sutherland.  This Wes Chandler card is great.  From the 1984 Topps set I love the design and Chandler is a PC guy.  This card also shows off his Pro Bowl selection.  Chris gave me plenty of fun cards that I'm very appreciative for.  It was great looking through all the cards that bring back so many memories.
I received plenty of the Atlanta Falcons which was great.  Here I'm showing off their 1992 Fleer Ultra cards.  I like these unis, not as much as the classic reds, but these are still excellent in my opinion.
The Buffalo Bills were nicely represented as well.  This was just as the team was embarking on their four straight Super Bowl appearances...and four straight Super Bowl losses...  My heart hurts...
I love the Creamsickle uniforms and Chris gave me plenty.  Herschel Walker is a PC guy and I really like the Upper Deck art cards so this is a perfect inclusion.
Vic Beasley Jr. is a stud pass rusher for the Falcons and I think the only healthy player left on the defensive side of the ball.

Friday, October 12, 2018

October Trade Post #1 - Baseball

I did a trade recently with Chris Sutherland.  I've only done a couple but want to start doing more.  I sent my Green Bay Packers cards to Chris while he sent a great selection of cards back to me.  The list of those I collect is all over the place but he did me really well.  This post I'll look at the baseball cards he sent.  This is a small sampling and represent some of my favorites.  Tom Glavine in a Mets uniform is usually nothing but a bad thought but I like the throwback here making this my favorite of those I received.  Chris is taking a bit of a break from blogging at The Collector but I'm glad he contacted me about trading.
More of my Braves to include PC guys Chipper, Murph and Freeman.
 Some other PC guys in Burks and Molitor.  Great that Chris took to the time to look for those guys I was looking for and include them.  And Manny being Manny...
Some big stars from today.  All three helped their teams to the post season this year.  This is a great Craig Kimbrel card.  And Khris Davis hit .247 for the 4th year in a row!  How is that possible in any way, shape or form?  Amazing.
If Chris reaches out to you about a trade don't hesitate.  I'm very happy with my cards and I'll be showing off more in the upcoming days.  
Great photo of stud A's third baseman Matt Chapman on this 2018 Topps Stadium Club.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dale Murphy Sketch Card

I ran across this Dale Murphy sketch card by Edward Vela on eBay and decided to give it a shot.  His cards are either auctions or the buy it now variety.  This was the former and while the price started at $4.99 I ended up with it at $10 which was a bit more than I wanted to spend.  Now that I have the card in hand I'm thrilled.  It is a great looking card.  I was specifically looking for a card to have autographed by Murph at a show later this month and this one really stood out to me.  The cards are signed by the artist on the back and this one was numbered 5/50.  These are more of a lithograph than a sketch to me but I'm not concerned about the details.  The artist has plenty of other sketch cards.  Not sure if I'll ever pick up more of his but I do think these are pretty cool cards and wanted to show off this one.