Saturday, October 31, 2020

8" Ghost Face Figure by NECA


NECA Ghost Face 8" Figure: I'm a big fan of Scream and I didn't grab one of these figures when they came out years ago.  I saw this one being released and jumped on it.  Not that I have many horror figures but this is still one that always stood out to me.  This is the 8" NECA released not to get confused with the 7" Ultimate Ghost Face NECA released around the same time this year.

This figure comes with a different hand to allow him to hold the voice changer which can be seen in these two photos.
I like the robe.  It has a good feel and look to it.  It also doesn't cause any issues when posing the figure.

Of course the knife is where it's at.  I picked this version of the figure because there is no blood on the knife that comes with the figure.  Overall this is a good action figure and fun to photograph.  It's pretty easy to pose and will stand on it's feet without assistance. 
Just wanted to share this guy and maybe you'll run in to one or two tonight.  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Random Wax: 2020 Topps Baseball Hanger Box

 2020 Topps Baseball:  Not a huge fan of this years flagship deisgn but I do like these 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary cards.  Don Mattingly got his surprising Miami Marlins to the playoffs.  This was their first season with a winning record since 2009 so fans had something to cheer for even if they were slept by Atlanta in the playoffs.  
I've had this box for a while now but it's very appropriate with all the Dodgers I pulled.  
Both of these are fun cards.  Gotta love that hair!
I'm not a fan of the Turkey Red but I am a fan of Khris Davis and you can never complain about a Yelich even if he had a very off year.   Those Decade's Best inserts are nice.

I can't complain about my pull that's for sure.  
I like Joey Votto.  He isan on base machine!  He's struggled a bit the last two years and is in the twilight of his career.  He didn't put up Hall of Fame numbers but he'll be remembered for being an excellent hitter on some not so good Reds teams.  This was a fun box and so was the 2020 season that will never be forgotten.


72 – Total Cards
8 – RC
4 – Team Card
4 – Turkey Red
3 – Checklist
2 – Hoskins Highlights
1 – League Leaders
1 – Rainbow Parallel
1 – Decade’s Best Teams
1 - 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary

Thursday, October 29, 2020

1997 Bench Warmer

1997 Bench Warmer:  You're thinking what is this post so close to Halloween?  It's also near the end of the Collecting Cutch blog's annual Save Second Base campaign bring awareness to breast cancer. awareness month.  If you are so inclined donations can be made at the National Breast Cancer Foundation page.  We'll start off this post with the very pretty Cindy Margolis.
This set has the lovely Bench Warmer ladies lounging about after a hard day of warming the bench?  Sorry.  Had to.
The design is fairly simple and it works.  Let the ladies shine on the whole of the card.  That Bench Warmer logo doesn't block anything of note on the photos.  
The backs are vey simple but still appealing.  No write ups here.  Just another look at the lovely ladies.
Small pack but it does it's job.  Always fun looking at the Bench Warmer gals and sharing these cards.  I always keep my eye out for packs of these from different years so there'll be more of these in the future.


8 - Total Cards


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

HorrorHound Magagazine

HorrorHound magazine is one I found last year when I picked up some back issues and did so again this year. This is a great magazine covering the horror movie genre.  It does a really job looking at movies from all spectrums inside the genre.  A-list movies and B-movies are covered while directors, actors, soundtracks, merchandise, cons, and everything in between get love in the magazine's pages.  The back issues I've picked up so far feature favorite movies of mine but I'll have no issues reading others that don't.  Our household really enjoys the genre so having a few issues around during this time of the year is fun.  I've purchased six total so far and already can't wait until next year when I grab more back issues.  And again If interested here's the link to their store and magazine titles

I'll also do another quick plug for the CollectingCutch blog which is doing his annual #SaveSecondBase campaign to bring awareness to breast cancer throughout the month which is breast cancer awareness month.  Check out his daily posts which are fun and for a good cause.  I'll do my part by showcasing Jami Gertz who starred in The Lost Boys and whom my young self fell in love with.  Most probably don't know she is also the wife of Atlanta Hawks owner Antony Ressler.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Random Wax: 2020 Topps Archives

2020 Topps Archives Baseball:  Seems like a good day for some baseball as we might be crowning a new World Series Champion tonight.  This guy is a great start as he closed out a World Series championship for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001 and was a beast on the mound.
Bo Bichette is always a good pull these days.
Brooks Robinson won two championships as a member of the Baltimore Orioles.
Had to look this guy up but he was sent from Philly to Miami as part of the J.T. Realmuto deal.
Cody Bellinger's batting average may not be great this post season but he definitely gets key hits in big moments.  He has four homeruns and 13 runs batted so far in the playoffs.  Dude is raking it.
The backs of these are always fun to look at too.

Deion famously played in the World Series in 1992 while also playing football for the Atlanta Falcons.  Being a Braves and Falcons guy I've always been a Deion fan.  This was a great pack to me.  I really liked my pull.  A couple of PC guys, young star and some great retired greats.  


18 – Total Cards
6 – 1974
5 – 1955
5 – 2002
5 – Retired Greats
2 - RC
1 – Base 1976 Topps Traded
1 – 1960 All-Star Rookies


Monday, October 26, 2020

The Invisible Man (2020) - NO SPOILERS

The Invisible Man (2020):  This movie came out right before Covid changed the movie going landscape but still managed $64M in US.  I think that is a testament to how good it is.  It also seemed like a good movie to watch as we get closer to Halloween and I was right.  The story, acting and overall film provide this classic tale a good new twist.  The movie is pretty intense from the start and does a good job in being done smartly.  I felt that this is how things could really go for someone having to deal with an invisible man.  And though you know from the get go what she is dealing with you are still invested from the start.  I won't give away any key plot points but I will recommend this everyone who might be interest. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

2020 Prestige Football Blaster

 2020 Prestige Football:  Actually found this in the wild at a Wal-Mart I rarely get to.  I like the design.  My pull was a bit "meh" but I won't complain.  We'll kick it off with Derek Carr.  Many will say he has disappointed and if you are only counting wins that is a fair assessment.  I don't think the Raiders have really had a team as a whole to support winning so I give him somewhat of a pass.  Last year really was a good year for him passing.  I want to see the Raiders relevant again so hopefully they can find the winning way.
No arguments with the running backs I pulled.  Sure wish Barkley hadn't gotten hurt.  Doubt it would have changed the Giants' fortunes but still hate seeing any player, much less one of his quality go down.
So the design is good but I saw someone mention how all the photos are full body upright pictures.  I blew that off but they are.  Seems kind of repetitive as you go through the packs.  If I'd never seen that comment maybe I don't notice it?  Probably not a big thing one way or the other.  Backs are nice with the photo and some color.
One of the inserts.  Not bad but not much wow factor.
Rookies of course have their place. They only come one per pack so finding key rookies may be a bit tough.
I like the Power House insert.  The Impressions isn't bad either but I waver on it.  You won't find a ton of inserts in comparison to some other brands.
I like this Julio Jones card.  This was a fun box.  I shouldn't complain about my pull but when you don't see some of the top quarterbacks it can be a bit of a downer.  Glad I was able to find one of these and share.  And my relic was a hall of famer which was a big plus.

64 – Total Cards
8 – RC
3 – Blue Parallel
2 – Power House
1 – Worldwide
1 – Impressions
1 – Prestigious Pros
1 – Inside the Numbers
1 – Gridiron Heritage Relic

Friday, October 23, 2020

2017 Topps WWE NXT Wrestling Blaster

 2017 Topps WWE NXT Wrestling: This was a fun pickup from Wal-Mart online.  I've seen BlowoutBuzz break some of these and wanted to take a crack at one myself.  This set shows some of the WWE roster before they made it to the big stage.  I really liked this box and the set.  We'll kick it off with the lovely Asuka who is the reigning WWE Women's Champion.

These are the roster cards.  I like the designs and how they work when put together.  That Tino Sabbatelli is a bronze parallel.  
The Matches and Moments cards make up the rest of the "base" set.  Again I like the design.  Plenty of space for the photos and they did a good job with their variety of matches.  
More of the Matches and Moments cards.  I really do like the colors and design used for this set.
Now's a good time to remind everyone to head over to the Collecting Cutch blog and support his Save Second Base campaign.  He is promoting awareness of Breast Cancer month and hoping folks will support the cause.  Check out his posts all month.  They are fun and for a great cause.  If you are so inclined, donations to fight breast cancer can be done here.  The lovely ladies of the WWE are a great way to highlight this cause as well.
A relic is guaranteed in each blaster.  Ember Moon is a pretty good pull I think.  I like the photo but wish the text would have been moved to the bottom right corner.  Still I'm happy with it.  There are autos and relics of many young wrestlers in this set who went on to the WWE stage so this is a fun way of getting early cards of theirs.

I'm so in love with this gal.  I wanted to start off the post with her but I do that a lot. She'll still get highlighted here as well she should.  


72 – Total Cards
40 – Matches and Moments
32 – Roster
4 – Called Up
4 – Bronze Parallel
1 – Mat Relic #/50

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:  This movie came out in 2018 but I wasn't on board for whatever reason.  I finally saw it this last month with the grandsons.  I'm very glad I did.  They did an excellent job with this movie and I really enjoyed it.  Miles Morales is bitten by a radio active spider and guess who is the next Spider-Man?  But this isn't the Spider-Man story we've seen before.  Before Miles even knows what is happening the "Spider-Man/Woman/Pig/Robot" from different dimensions show up to help battle Kingpin and save the universe.  Just a really good story and the animation is done well too.  

I was really impressed with the story and the characters.  So well done.  You're just into it.  The characters from the other dimensions are key and fun additions.  I know you are seeing Peter-Porker and saying "yeah I don't know" but it works.  These different dimensions are just that - different.  Whether it be how the Spider-Man story plays out or what the universe is as a whole.  I also have to say I really like these versions of the bad guys - Kingpin and Doc Ock.  Doc Ock is a female version I love.  Her and Gwen Stacy were my favorite characters.  I know I sound like I'm gushing but I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it.