Sunday, June 4, 2023

Denver up 1-0 in the NBA Finals

 The NBA Finals have started and game two is tonight.  As the playoffs played out this is the matchup I wanted.  Denver hasn't won a championship and have one of the greatest players in the sport today.  Miami has Jimmy Butler who has willed his team to the Finals.  I love it.  Denver is the better team on paper and I think that is pretty much agreed upon.  Miami though has proven us doubters wrong series after series. I love watching Jokic and Butler play.  They are amazing in their own ways.  I've been able to see The Joker more over the last two seasons and am firmly in the camp that says he's the best player after Kevin Durant (when healthy) in the league today.  And I just love Butler and have since he was with the Bulls.  To the series.  The Nuggets showed us who we thought they were in game one but like Mike Malone stated, they haven't done anything yet.  I always thought Denver wins this series but it's hard to count out Miami.  Still the Nuggets have so much talent in that starting lineup to throw at them.  Would be happy with either team winning though I lean towards the Nuggets whose fans and players deserve that first championship.

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