Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympics kicked off last night in London with the opening ceremonies.  I watched the ceremonies.  I'll say it was different and seemed a little long winded.  I'm not faulting the organizers as you don't get many opportunities to host the Olympics.  Still I'm glad there were commentators to help explain what was going on or I would have been lost.  That said I did like the Queen's entrance with James Bond himself as they "parachuted" from the helicopter to enter the stadium.  Nice bit.  My favorite is always the athletes parading into the stadium.  The ending as seen in the picture to the left was also pretty cool with the Olympic rings lifting into the air.  Nice way to end it.  Can't wait to see what Russia comes up with in 2016.

It is funny when the Olympics come around as conversations pop up as to why we care.  With all the distractions in the world nowadays the Olympics can seem somewhat dated to many.  I'm a little old school and still like the international challenge as the world's best go head to head for their country.  They may win titles throughout the years but in the Olympics you are directly representing your country in a venue second to none.  I also enjoy all the stories that are reported on.  With so many athletes from around the world there are plenty of fun and heart tugging stories to go around.  The underdogs also get to play on the big stage.  As the athletes marched into the stadium last night there were many times where I was saying "that's a country?".  You also have all the different sports that'll never see the light of day on cable TV otherwise.  Racewalking or trampoline anyone?  And they dropped baseball and softball?  Hmmm.  Sports come and go so even if I think they're goofy I'll watch just to say I did.

Again I enjoy the Olympics.  I like everything that surrounds it.  Nothing like seeing the excitement as athletes and teams win medals and the moment when they receive their medals is still special.  I better get going.  American Timmy Wang is down two sets to none to his North Korean ping pong opponent.  I'd better pay more attention... 

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