Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Major League All-Star Game

Was able to catch the baseball all-star game last week.  I think this is the the best of all the sports all-star games.  You still have great pitcher versus batter match ups.  At it's basic element it is pitcher versus batter.  We might even be talking about some of these in future as a "remember when..." conversation.  Maybe even Justin Verlander versus Joey Votto.  Yes Verlander had a bad game but again some day the conversation may lend itself to "I saw Verlander strike out Votto looking". 

Even with the shutout the National League put on the American League I enjoyed the game.  Of course it being Chipper Jones' last game it was something special.  Can't say he will be one of the all-time great motivational speakers   - Chipper Jones Addresses NL Locker Room Prior to All-Star Game -  but it was still pretty special for me and I know it was for him - Chipper Jones 2012 All-Star Moments  Enough about Chipper.  San Francisco represented as Matt Cain, Melky Cabrera (MVP) and Pablo Sandoval all had a very good games.  I thought Rafael Furcal stood out with his great defense and added a hit.  Ryan Braun also had two hits and Craig Kimbrel fanned two facing only two batters.  Along with Aroldis Chapman, Wade Miley, Joel Hanrahan, and Jonathan Papelbon the National League relievers allowed only one hit cementing the shutout. 

Nice to see Tony LaRussa get a win as he probably managed the last game of his career.  Pretty cool that he was able to manage the all-star game after retiring after the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series last year.  Speaking of, I do still believe it is garbage that this game determines home field advantage in the World Series.  This is an exhibition game.  Do the Yankees want to count on a game that will have every all-star, including rookies, get to play or do the Nationals want home field advantage determined by rookie Bryce Harper's fielding blunder?  Oh wait, he plays for the Nationals...but you get the idea.  I do think players play hard but are these players all truly the best?  How many don't play due to "injuries" or pitch because a pitcher pitched two days before the all-star game?  Too many variables here to make this game determine home field advantage.  But at it's core it is a game I look forward to each year and do enjoy watching. 

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