Thursday, December 27, 2012

NBA 2K13 Review

First off I must tell you I'm not a hardcore gamer.  I own a PlayStation 3 and have two games less than two years old - NBA 2K13 and NCAA Football 2013.  That said I have played sports games on the different gaming platforms back to my grade school days and do truly enjoy them when I get the chance. 
The game play of 2K13 has enhanced the ball handling skills.  I'm a little slow to pick up on these but mostly due to the dexterity it takes to use the right and left analog sticks at the same time.  Serious gamers probably pick up on this pretty quick but my old fingers aren't quite up to speed.   What I have figured out is cool.  This is probably the best innovation the designers have come up with in some time.  Overall the game play is not that much different from years past but again the ball handling adds a new dimension to the playability and fun.  Definitely makes this year's game worth picking up. 
My favorite mode of play is the quick game.  I especially enjoy being able to play as players from the past.  In NBA 2K11 I could play the all decades teams from the 50s/60, 70, 80s, 90s, 00s and current all-stars.  Each decade had a Eastern and Western Conference team you could use.  I loved this.  Who wouldn't want to play with the 70's Julius Erving, 80's Dominique Wilkins, and all the other greats that were included.  2K13 has individual teams such as the 64-65 Celtics, 70-71 Bucks, 85-86 Celtics, and 90-91 Blazers.  There are a total of 35 franchise teams.  The greatest addition is the Dream Team and current Team USA.  These are so much fun to play with.  These players are unmatched and I love playing both teams against each other.  Of course playing them against any normal franchise team no matter how good is usually a lopsided victory.
I definitely enjoy this game.  The controls aren't too hard but serious gamers can ramp up the action with the advanced controls.  There are many details that I haven't gotten into so they weren't reviewed here.  There a couple of links to reviews below that might help with detailing out some of the features I don't talk about.  As the only NBA game out there 2K13 has a big edge but this is just a good game and any competitor will have a tough time competing as evidenced by the failed NBA Live launch this year.  Don't hesitate to pick this game up if you like the NBA or basketball. 

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