Sunday, September 24, 2017

2017 Donruss Football Hanger Box

Great pull here.  I'm not sold McCaffery will be a star in the league but he comes in with a ton of hype so who knows.  I'll probably look at trading this card at some point.
I've seen the breaks of these boxes at and they looked like they would be worth trying out.  I like the cards already and reviewed them here.   
There are 50 cards in each box.  The value doesn't match regular packs per se but there is much more variety here.  
There were so many inserts this had a much different feel than a 30 card pack.  It seems like I pulled at least one of each type of insert and there were plenty.
I also felt the star power grabbing Tom Terrific, Gronk, Rogers, and others.  I definitely didn't feel shorted.  There were also three Falcons inserts which was a huge plus for me and my personal collection. 
I'm a huge fan of retired greats in these sets and believe me I was excited about what I pulled here:  Jim Brown, Jim Zorn, Walter Payton, Ottis Anderson, Calvin Johnson, Derrick Brooks -wow.  Love all these cards.  
Can't go wrong with these guys and that is the second Brady card I've pulled this year.
I say these boxes deliver good value for what you get out of them.  All the different inserts are fun.  I think that if you like these cards and want a bit more variety than what a 30 card pack offers, then don't hesitate to pull the trigger on one.  
50 - Total Cards
6 – Retired Players
5 – Press Proof
3 – Rated Rookies (1 Press Proof)
2 – RC
1 – Gridiron King
1 – All-Time Gridiron King
1 – Legends of the Fall
1 – Rookie Phenom Patch
1 – Ground Force
1 – The Elite Series Rookie
1 – Dominator
1 –Team Heroes
1 – Production Line
1 – Throwback Card
1 – Up Tempo


  1. Solid product. Love seeing that collectors can now pull Jim Zorn cards again.

    1. I agree. I was so excited to see that card. I didn't even know it was in the set. Hope to see him on more cardboard in the future.