Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Green Lantern Gay?

I've read comics since I was a youngin.  I haven't read them regularly for a few years now but I stay up to date as possible through online sites and podcasts.  Priorities change but I definitely plan on catching up in the near future.  I can't wait.  One of my favorites from day one of reading comics is Green Lantern.  The Green Lantern I grew up with is Hal Jordan or the Silver Age Green Lantern introduced in 1959.  This is the Green Lantern the majority of the world is familiar with and was the Green Lantern featured in last year's Green Lantern movie.  Alan Scott is the original Green Lantern who debuted in 1940.  I have definitely become a fan of his character which was revitalized, as part of the Justice Society of America, in the early 90's.  

A few weeks back DC Comics announced one of their characters would come out as gay.  Of course the Robin jokes flew as people wondered who it would be.  Well low and behold it was Alan Scott.  As part of a recent "reboot" by DC Comics Alan Scott's history is out AND he is now gay.  Ugh.  This is pure selfishness on my part but I don't like it one bit.  While i don't have issues with gay characters this just doesn't work for me.  As part of the re-launch Alan Scott is now younger and gay but otherwise his character is sure to be what made him a great hero to begin with - strong, brave, moral, and he can kick butt.  That said he was elder statesman among Green Lantern "universe" and this just throws his character in an entirely new light.  In his past continuity he had children to include a gay son.  All gone now.  I don't like change and I'll be the first to admit that helps shape my thoughts.  Still I want to give this a chance but it isn't easy.  It is such a departure from what I've come to love in his character.  I guess I'll just have to see how DC will handle his story lines but I'm not liking it for now.  Sure Robin would have been looked at as an easy target but it would have made me much happier!  Again pure selfishness...

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