Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cardboard Collections Affordable Break '94 Select Series 1 & 2, and '95 Score Series 2

Cardboard Collections did one of his affordable breaks this month which was a perfect opportunity for me to do my first group break and I really enjoyed it.  I picked Boston as Atlanta was already taken and my random second team was the White Sox.  AND Colbey threw in some Braves cards for me as a huge bonus.  I'll go out of order here because I really like these 1995 Score cards.  
 I had never seen them before and I'm liking the design.  The Tom Glavine and John Smoltz cards are great.  Really nice shots of them pitching.  
I didn't pull a complete Red Sox team set but I'm very happy with my cards.  They look sharp and and I pulled some Red Sox players I really like.  
The White Sox cards included a few nice Frank Thomas cards including a Gold Rush Hitters Inc.  Some other nice players on that team as well but Thomas stands out among the group.  Non-standard base cards included Hitters Inc. and Rookie cards.
I'd seen the 1994 Select before but this is my first time seeing them in hand.  Above are a couple of the Rookie Prospect cards. None of those I pulled really panned out but that is why they are prospects right?  You never know.  These have a landscape design and a unique two picture format on the front.  There are some nice photos here and I also ended up with some duplicates of favorite players.  I pulled a Red Sox team set which was great and will be added to the personal collection.   

This was great fun.  I was able to watch the break live on Facebook and able to interact via the chat with others watching.  Again it was my first experience doing any type of group break and I loved it.  Thanks to Colbey for putting this on.  It was definitely affordable and made for a fun time.   

1994 Score Select (Hobby) Series 1 and 2
 20 - Red Sox/20 – White Sox/5 – Braves
  6 – Rookie Prospect
1995 Score Series 2 Jumbo
  19– Red Sox/22 – White Sox/10-Braves
  7 – Rookie
  7 – Hitters Inc. (1 – Gold Rush)
  2 – Base Gold Rush

Team Totals:
White Sox – 42
Red Sox – 39
Braves – 15


  1. Gar Finnvold! There's a name I haven't heard or seen in a loong time!

    I bought a lot of Score in the early-mid '90s but I think that slowed a bit in '95. Maybe because of the strike.

    1. I'm so glad someone else notice his name. That is definitely a unique one!