Friday, March 15, 2019

2019 Topps Heritage Baseball

Grabbed a pack of the 2019 Topps Heritage baseball.  I'm not a huge fan of this brand as the older designs and the head and torso shots don't do a lot for me.  This set is pretty true to the 1970 set it is emulating.  This BoSox World Series Champions card made this pack a winner.  I can't help but smile seeing these guys celebrate a well deserved championship.
   Personal collection guy Jose Altuve was a nice pull in this All-Star card.  Ender Inciarte was the lone Brave I pulled.  They need him to be more of a spark plug at the top of the order like he was in 2016 and 2017.  This Baseball Flashbacks card is a 1:20 packs pull.  Pretty cool card and the inserts highlights moments/players from the 1970 season.  I like the colors and unique design.
The designs and colors here just seem a big flat.  Again the lack of action, emotion or character in the photos is disappointing.  I'm not saying these are bad cards - they just aren't for me.  I know many collectors are high on the Heritage brand and I'm glad they enjoy these cards.
I'll definitely add some singles from this set but this'll probably be my last pack.  I do like the backs.  Plenty of info and all the stats for the player's career.  And of course a nice little factoid.

This was the back of the Red Sox World Series Champions card and details team records.  I love that.  As a stat geek I love seeing this kind of stuff.  I'd hope they did this for every team but I can't be sure since this is a card specific to the World Series.  Seems like this would be good on a "team" card and does seem a bit random for a World Series Champion card.  Maybe show combined stats for the 2019 team or playoff stats or anything along those lines?

20 – Total Cards
4 – 2019 Rookie Stars
2 – All-Star
1 – Baseball Flashbacks
1 – League Leaders
1 – Playoff Highlights
1 – World Series Champion

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