Saturday, June 30, 2012

College Football Adopts Four Team Playoff

College football will now have a four team playoff starting in 2014.  There will be a selection committe, details on who that will be comprised of are yet to come, who will select the teams who will play in a championship game that occurs after all the bowl games.  There are details like how the money will be doled out to be decided but the big story is the playoff.  I would have liked a playoff with eight teams but I'm more than ready to give this a chance.  With a selection committee choosing the teams in the playoffs I think there is a chance of error and I might be in the minority but I actually liked how the BCS chose teams for it's championship and think it could be applied here.  There are arguments that this system will make the regular season more important as committee members can weigh issues affecting teams throughout the season such as key injuries.  I believe there is some truth to that.  Of course it will also open the process up to more criticism but I doubt any system that will ever be in place will be without it's detractors. 

There will always be teams who could make an argument for being in the playoff even if there were 64 football teams involved.  With only four you're getting the best of the best.  March Madness, while fun, is not designed for the best team to win.  The winner of that tourney gives the championship to the team who can get hot at the right time.  Does that mean they are the best team in the country?  Very debatable.  Doesn't matter as the public loves the drama, the underdogs and the stories that come from the 68 team scramble. 

Bottom line I like this for a start.  We'll probably see the process tweaked or changed as the years go on.  This is a move in the right direction and I hope it will help stop some of the complaining that goes along with the BCS. 

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