Sunday, May 28, 2023

2021-2022 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Blaster

21-22 Marvel Annual:  This is my first in hand look at these.  We'll kick it off with a popular character from the Marvel world.  I like this Captain Marvel but I am a bigger fan of the original Captain Mar-vell.
The design on these is a bit dull to me though I like the art.  On some cards like the Magneto and X-23 we see too much background.  I like the muted background but it shouldn't get so much card space.  Also feels like there could be more color somewhere.  Might not work but a thought.
Here we have a Silver Sparkle parallel, Backscatter insert which falls 1:24 packs, and that Cyclops is a Canvas parallel.  I like the looks of the first two but the Canvas doesn't do much for me.  Just a different feel to the card.
These are the Blue parallels which come one per pack.  I think I like the base cards with the background better.  I do wish there were more cards here.  Thirty in a blaster seems pretty small considering what I got with the recent Kayou cards I opened.
Humble Beginnings, Number 1 Spot and Annual Impact inserts.  All three are good in my book
The backs are okay but not overly exciting.
This is only my second experience with Marvel Annual cards.  The first was a pack from the 2017 set which I like more.  Still these are fun cards. They'll probably end up in the hands of the grandsons but that works for me.

30 – Total Cards
6 – Blue Parallel
2 – Silver Sparkle 
1 – Canvas
1 – Annual Impact
1 – Number 1 Sport
1 – Humble Beginnings
1 – Backscatters (1:24 packs)


  1. These are really cool. I like the use of muted backgrounds on these cards... especially the ones with comic book covers. And just like sports cards, I appreciate the characters will all body limbs and wardrobes fully intact more... like Spider-man and Doctor Strange.

  2. Nice to see this set is still around. The artwork seems to have decreased in quality though; as of the earlier sets looked better.

    1. I wouldn't mind if they'd go a little different with this set. Or maybe just give another Marvel set.