Saturday, May 27, 2023

2022-2023 Donruss Basketball

 22-23 Donruss Basketball: Game six tonight and Boston will need all the help they can get if they expect to continue to dig out of their 3-0 hole to Miami they had put themselves in.  Jaylen Brown hasn't had a good series and Boston would be really happy if he found his stroke tonight.  I'll be rooting for the Heat.  Just saying.

This year's design has a bit of Hoops feel to it and I like this look.  Of course anything is better than last year's design.  Bam and the Miami Heat need to win their home game tonight and not give Boston any hope.
Some youngsters.  Holmgren still hasn't seen the court due to injury while Shaedon Sharpe had modest success as a rookie for the Trail Blazers.
No issues with these inserts.  If only Paul George and Kawhi Leonard could stay healthy.
Can't wait to see Jamal Murray and the Nuggets in the NBA Finals.  I'll admit I didn't think Jalen Brunson wasn't worth the contract he received from the Knicks but he did really well in his first year of the deal.
Fun having so much basketball on the shelves right now and these new Donruss add to it.  This pack was fun with the exitement of new cards and good pull.  Go Miami!

30 – Total Cards
3 – Rated Rookie
1 – Complete Players
1 – Franchise Futures
1 - Green Laser Holo Parallel

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  1. That was an insane ending to Game 6. Too bad Boston didn't show up for Game 7. Sure Tatum got hurt but Brown was a no show.