Sunday, June 19, 2022

2022 Diamond Kings Baseball with Autograph

2022 Diamond Kings:  This pack delivered well including an auto.  We'll start off with Juan Soto who is struggling a bit this year but he's still only 23 and has had some great seasons already as well as a championship on his resume.  He needs to stay healthy, but he is great to watch at the plate.
Again a nice pull in this pack to include the base cards.  Not a bad design but as always the lack of team logo is annoying.
The rookie cards have different designs which is okay but they aren't all hits like the Shane Baz take.
My auto was a nice surprise.  McCormick is getting some regular at bats with the Astros but he is struggling at the plate this year.  He's 27 so hopefully he can get things going.
Here we have an Artist Proof parallel which I never understand.  A parallel with the only difference being something stamped on it.  The Frame cards are kind of cool.  Gallery of Stars are alright but I'd rather have a true "Diamond Kings" card.
I'd like a little less color for an old-timer like Bob Feller.  Still I like this one.  Not looking for black and white but maybe some muted tones.
Nice to see some retired greats.  Good pack of cards and while I nit pick some these are good for what they are.  I doubt I'll pick up more but still fun.

20 – Total Cards
6 – RC
1 – SP
1 – Gray Frame
1 – Aficionado
1 – Artist’s Proof
1 – Gallery of Stars
1 – DK Signatures #/75


  1. Always fun to pull an autograph. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on pulling an auto! As much as I enjoy collecting them, I actually think those two B&W old timers are way cooler though.

    1. The black and white cards are appropriate for the old timers. I'm all for it.

  3. Thanks for showing off the cards, and congrats on the auto!

    1. Crazy to pull two autos on the same day - I pulled a GQ auto the same time I bought this one.