Friday, February 23, 2024

2000-2001 Upper Deck Victory Basketball

2000-2001 Victory:  This is a pack I purchased on eBay in 2022.  We'll kick it off with John Stockton.  Nineteen seasons with the Utah Jazz he was nothing short of great.  An 11X All-Pro selection, 5X All-Defensive selection.  Led the league in assists nine times total in nine straight years and the league in steals twice.  He was so much fun to watch because he was just so consistently great at what he did.
I wasn't familiar with this set prior to opening this pack.  I really like the design.  The colors, logo, player position, player number and good photos all work for me.  There are 330 total cards in the set.  I thought my pull was great. 
There are three subsets - Rookies, Leaders, and Fly Kobe Bryant/Fly Kevin Garnett.  Desmond Mason is easy to overlook but averaged a solid 12 PPG for his career.  McDyess led Denver in scoring and rebounding in the1999-2000 season.  Kobe and Garnett had 25 cards each in their Fly subset.  Nice looking Kobe card and one of the few around the rim photos you'll find in the set.  Maybe my only knock on the set.
The backs are nice showing off career stats, team record from the previous season  and a little color.  I love the All-Time Team Record Holders section at the bottom.  And look at those stats of Hakeem's.

This was a fun pack and I'll look for more in the future.  We get a nice Ty Lue appearance of the future NBA coach.  We'll end it with more greatness in Hakeem.

12 – Total Cards
1 - Rookies
1 – Leaders
1 – Fly2Kobe Bryant


  1. A. Just watched a YT video on Stockton yesterday that was showing off how tough he was. Guy was not afraid to mix it up with anyone.

    B. I remember this product. I'm guessing it was one of the last basketball products I opened before selling off the bulk of my collection and taking a break from the hobby in late 2001/early 2002.

    C. Love seeing the back of Olajuwon's card. Shame Houston traded him to Toronto.

    1. Hakeem in a Toronto uniform is not a good memory. Yeah Stockton was a tough dude.

  2. Voting for Carter.
    Better action shot than Stockton and Olajuwon.

    1. I really do like the Vince Carter photo. I think I've pulled like 4 of his cards in the current Hoops set.

  3. Great looking cards! I was just reading some crazy stats about Stockton's durability compared to LeBron. I wish what I could remember what it was. Anyway, I have to say the Stockton and Olajuwon cards are my favorites.