Sunday, February 25, 2024

Random Wax: 1994 Ted Williams Roger Staubach's NFL 3 Packs

1994 Staubach:  Showing off more of this really cool set.  Dick Butkus passed away in October.  He's remembered as a hard hitter but also had a pretty good run in television and movies.  A member of two All-Decade teams he was also a five-time All-Pro.
These cards are so much fun.  So many greats who older generations grew up with.  The memories alone make this set so much fun.  I loved Steve Largent as a kid.  Archie Manning was someone I liked as well but I rarely got to see him play.  Largent was of course a Hall of Famer and his teams did make it to the playoffs four times during his career.
Nice Sonny Jurgensen card in that old Redskins uni.  Interesting that the photo in the background has him in the more familiar Redskins helmet.  Favre and O'Donnell were featured in the Dawning of a Legacy inserts.
Great quarterbacks keep on coming.  Sammy Baugh was ahead of his time as a passer and led the league in so many categories throughout his career while setting a ton of records.  He also won two championships as the Washington QB.  One of those was in his rookie year.  He played 16 seasons for the Redskins.  He also played defensive back and finished with 31 interceptions for his career. Must see NFL Hall of Fame video can be seen here (2 minutes).
A couple of coaching greats and one of the first running stars of the game, Red Grange.
Putting pogs on a card was a stroke of genius.  Love it.
Some defensive greatness and one of the top runners in the history of the league.  This set is so much fun.
30 – Cards
3 – Pogs
3 – Golden Arms
3 – Dawning of a Legacy
2 – Chalkboard Legends
1 – Checklist
1 – Path to Greatness


  1. I haven't seen these cards before, but I certainly know the old players. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. This set really is fun. Feels like sets like these would still do really well. Folks seem to love them. Probably a money thing but they hit it out of the park with this one.

  2. Wow, pogs!!! Very cool. Forgot about these.

    1. It really was a thing. I am glad they were on cards and not separate.

  3. Awesome product! Some really nice action shots... and who doesn't appreciate pulling pogs from packs.

  4. Replies
    1. Good call. Really like the intensity on his face in the background photo.