Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Random Wax: 1990 Donruss (3 Packs)

1990 DonrussNolan Ryan is a legend.  We'll never see anything like him again.  Twenty-seven years.  5700+ strikeouts.  Seven no-hitters.
A couple more Hall of Fame players and one in Sweet Lou who some think should be one.
Just a small snippet of Ryan's greatness.  
More players who did really good in this era of baseball.  I really like my pull in these three packs.
Zane Smith is a favorite player of mine while Tewksbury and Plesac were good at what they did.  Who knows how old Julio Franco was on this really cool All-Star card.  Really enjoy showing off these cards and all the memories they bring up.

45 – Total Cards (3 Packs)
3 – Puzzle
1 – All-Star


  1. Voting for Ripken.
    Phillies legend Franco went to Cleveland in the Von Hayes deal.

  2. I'm with Elliptical Man. Love the well cropped action shot of Ripken.