Tuesday, May 21, 2024

1995 Topps Widevision Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back Widevision:  Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back was released 24 years ago on this day.  It's still one of my favorite Star Wars movies if not my favorite.  It really took the story to new places and new levels.  This poster card is a favorite of mine.
Widevision is a favorite of mine.  I enjoy getting an entire photo as opposed to a smaller or cropped version of what we actually see on the screen.
The backs are great with a synopsis of the front photo and behind the scenes information including a different photo or art.
There are 144 cards in the set.  The majority of mine focus on Hoth but that's okay.  It was a favorite part of the movie for me.  But I really wanted to see a good AT-AT photo.  
I do own this set but widevision work well as bookmarks, so I don't hesitate to grab a pack when it is a good deal.  There are nine cards in each pack.
Another great photo.  I think they did a good job selecting scenes to step you through the movie.  For big Star Wars fans like me it's a fun opportunity to revisit all the great characters and moments that hooked us so many years ago.


  1. If that's Luke waving 'bye' to the Millennium Falcon, I'll vote for that. If it's a different scene, I'll vote for Darth.

    1. I thought that it was Han waving down the snowspeeder... but I could be wrong.

      This is a cool set. Topps released another Widevision set for ESB in 2010, but it's lenticular.

      I go back and forth between ESB and ROTS being my favorite movie. If we're considering movies outside of the three trilogies... I also really like Rogue One.

    2. It is Han acknowledging the snowspeeder. The 3D set is pretty cool as well. ESB and Rogue One are my favorites.

  2. Those Widevision sets were so awesome when they were first released. The writeups on the backs were just as good. Star Wars cards of today can't hold a candle to these!