Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mail Day From Padrographs!

Suprise mail day from Rod at the Padrographs blog.  I also received cards from him last year which was also a great haul.  This group of cards was centered around the Chicago White Sox as well as a surprise entry.  This Fernando Tatis Jr. 1st Bowman is a sweet card.  White Sox fans are still trying to forget the trade that sent him to San Diego for James Shields.
  I had no clue about the 2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. Baseball Set until I saw this Eloy Jimenez card.  He was part of the Dominican Republic subset.  Sweet looking card and Jimenez had an excellent rookie year for the White Sox in 2019.
Big Hurt.  Legend.  Enough said.  Some really cool Frank Thomas cards but that Allen & Ginter Baseball Star Signs is a great looking card.  I'm really digging it and may have to look for others from that set.
Jose Abreu is a guy who seems to not get his due for the great production he puts out.  And he can't seem to land that big contract due to his age.  He was 27 when he won Rookie of Year in 2014.  Hope for more good things from this guy who is playing on a one year contract with Chicago this season.
I really hated seeing the Red Sox give up this guy to the White Sox in the deal that netted Chris Sale.  He had a break out season in '19 and is still only 24.  
These are only a sampling of the cards Rod sent my way.  So many good players and a few sets I've never seen in hand before like this Topps Total Wellington Castillo.
Rod through in quite a few Dave Dravecky cards.  It is so easy to forget how good a pitcher Dravecky was.  He never had an ERA over 3.58 in any of his eight seasons.  His career ERA was 3.13 in just over 1000 innings.  You know what - he is now a PC guy for me.  Amazing what a few cards can do for you.

And my all-time favorite White Sox player - Hall of Famer Harold Baines.  I always liked Baines as a kid.  Something about that swing I think just made him look good - and boy was he good.  That Donruss is another set I wasn't familiar with.

Thanks Rod!  I really appreciate all the fun cards. 


  1. Aww man. I didn't know that Dravecky had a Diamond Kings card. He was signing for free at a card show last month and I got him on two cards (83T and 87T). Had I known about that DK card, I would have grabbed him on that one too. Anyways... this is a fantastic package from Rod. He always hooks people up with really cool stuff. That Tatis 1st Bowman is sweet!

    1. Rod definitely did me well. I really like the idea of getting Diamond Kings signed. I have a chance to get Wally Joiner's autograph in a few months and am thinking the same thing.