Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Atlanta Hawks Trades at the Trade Deadline Last Week

Not sure Clint Capela was this happy when he heard the news he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks last week) but I'm happy.  Atlanta really didn't have to give up much and I agree with the talking heads that when healthy Capela will fit in well with the young core who like to push the ball.  Atlanta gave up Evan Turner, the Nets' 2020 first round pick and the Warriors' 2024 second round pick.  This year's draft isn't a strong one so that first rounder from what is currently a playoff team doesn't look like that big a loss.  This was a huge win for the Hawks.  Trae Young and John Collins should work well with Capela.  Not sure if Collins will be with the team long term but there is time to figure that out.  

The second trade for a big man confuses me though.  Atlanta picked up Dewayne Dedmon and two second round picks for Jabari Parker and Alex Len.  On the surface it is a good deal.  But Dedmon has been complaining about playing time and not sure how he fits when Capela comes back from injury and starts.  Dedmon won't take any minutes from big men Capela or Collins.  He is on contract for two more years so this one has me scratching my head. 

The Hawks completed three other more minor trades.  Overall it was very productive.  They traded away many of the veteran contracts they had taken on and for the most part have a very young roster.  It'll be interesting to see where they go from here.  They'll surely have a high pick in the upcoming draft.  Hopefully they can hit on a key player in what isn't looked at as a strong draft class.  They should have some financial flexibility as well.  Good things are on the horizon for this team.  Hopefully we aren't more than a couple of years from seeing the Hawks back in the playoffs. 


  1. Congratulations on landing Capela. Heard his name a lot on the radio when the Warriors faced the Rockets in the playoffs. I'm sure Warriors fans are happy he'll be playing in the Eastern Conference.

  2. Definitely a bonus for other Western Conference. Seems like a win can't wait to see him hit the court.