Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Random Wax: 2021-2022 Chronicles Basketball

 21-22 Chronicles: Who is Ja Morant this season?  We know he'll sit out the first 25 games of the season. Memphis won 51 games last season but lost in the first round to the LA Lakers without Morant.  I'm not a big Morant guy but he's an amazing basketball player and the league's better with him on the court free of off court distractions.  Fingers crossed that is the Morant we get this next season.
So much variety in these packs and this one packed a punch when it came to star power. I'm not complaining.  Three of the NBA's best here and you can make the argument that these are top 5 amongst today's players.
Chronicles though is about the youngsters.  Twenty-two of the pack's cards are RCs. Cunningham was looking so good before injury took him out last season.  Hopefully he can make a full comeback.  Trendon Watford has been solid as a Trail Blazer averaging 7.5 points in his first two seasons in Portland. 
Three solid young players here.
Scottie Barnes and Bones Hyland have both carved out niches on their teams.  Barnes probably has more upside and should see his roll increase with VanVleet moving on.  He needs to get better shooting from deep but he has potential.
Austin Reaves had a breakout year in LA and got a really good contract to match his output.
This was a good pack of cards.  The veteran star power is great and the variety adds to the fun.  Camps start soon and the season is just around the corner.  I'm excited.

30 – Total Cards
22 – RC
6 – Chronicles
4 - Score
4 – Playbook
3 – Luminance
2 – XR
2 - Threads
2 - Prestige
2 –Absolute
2 - Marquee
1 – Honors
1 – Phoenix
1 – Donruss Rated Rookie


  1. Steph wins it. But yeah - plenty of good players.

    1. Nice jersey he's wearing as well. Golden State really does well with their jerseys.

  2. I keep mistaking that Marquee logo for the Knicks logo haha