Sunday, September 24, 2023

Random Wax: 2022 Contenders Football

 2022  Contenders:  Hurts and the Eagles aren't quite in high gear yet but they should still be a favorite to come out of the NFC though I'm sure it won't be easy.
Plenty of star power here.  I wish Jonathan Taylor's situation had played out differently.  He's too good not to be playing.  I get the plight of the running back but not seeing one of the game's best is never fun.
Look at this string of quarterbacks in my inserts.  Wow.  Contenders isn't a large set so the pulls should be vconsistent but this felt like a really strong pack.
I do like the vertical take here on the Game Day Ticket.  Not a perfect look but it's different good.
Feels like there were more inserts in these 2022 Contenders packs than in years past.  I could be wrong but that's the sense I get without going back and really digging into it.  Power Players are fun giving us a fun way of showcasing players.  Garrett Wilson went into the season with so much hope but wow how things changed in a matter of four plays.  Burrow is hurting and the Bengals are too.  They've struggled to start a season before and come back but this feels different.  Hope they can make something out of the season but it seems like a big ask.
I'm very happy with this pack. Plenty of stars and some good inserts.  Enjoy your Sunday of football!

22 – Total Cards
4 – Emerald Parallel
2 – Power Player
2 – Rookie of the Year
1 – Legendary
1 – Winning Ticket
1 – Game Day Ticket
1 – MVP Contenders
1 – Touchdown Tandems


  1. Excellent pack.

    The Hurts base card wins it.

    1. Agreed but it's Brady for me. But I'm a Tom Terrific guy.

  2. I hope the Eagles dont' get ramping. Hope they lose tonight lol

    1. Might be a good game. Easy to say Philly wins it but I'm still not sure who the Bucs are.