Sunday, September 17, 2023

Random Wax: 2021 Contenders Draft Picks Football


2021 Contenders Draft Picks: I wouldn't say Baker Mayfield is relevant again but he is a 2023 starter, won that game, and the reigning Nickelodeon Valuable Player (NVP).  It's on his reference page so it has to be a thing.  Just saying. 
Two years removed from this set being released and Kirk Cousins maybe has more credibility than Russell Wilson?  Injuries has taken the wind out of his Leonard's sails but he was great during those first four years of his career.
I'm a Todd Gurley fan.  I know the end of his career didn't go well but I'll take this Game Ticket Purple Parallel.
These horizontal Front-Row Seats inserts allow Panini to show off some photography.  The officer in the background cheering on the play is great.
Love the college unis on these and this set has a good look to it.  A bit different from other Contenders designs because we get to see photos with backgrounds.  Kamara is another example of how quickly things change.  

18 – Total Cards
1 – Front Row Seats
1 – Draft Class Purple Parallel
1 – Game Ticket Purple Parallel