Saturday, September 25, 2021

2020-2021 Select Basketball Hanger Box

 2020-2021 Select Basketball: Was really waffling on picking one of these up due to the price point but my love of basketball cards got the best of me.  This hanger box turned out to be a LaMelo Ball "hot pack" with him making three appearances.  I won't complain about that and one of them will go in Colbey's stack.  This card is from the Premier Level subset and is my favorite design of the three.
I'm not a huge shiny card guy but the design on these are a bit better than most.  Not being all silver helps a lot.  Select has subsets and the design on these three is from the Concourse subset.
The Zion is from the Courtside subset and it and the Vucevic are Shimmer Prizm parallels.  The Campazzo is a Green, White, Purple, parallel.  I like the colors on these and they look good in hand.
Overall this was a good box.  I won't pick up more due to the price point.  Would have liked more veteran stars as well.  Still some fun cards.

20 - Total Cards
12 – Concourse
8 – RC
4 – Shimmer Prizms
1 – Numbers
1 – Courtside
1 – Green, White, Purple Parallel


  1. I'm assuming three LaMelos covered the cost of the hanger box. If not... the hobby has a problem.

    1. LOL I haven't looked but you'd think they would nowadays.