Sunday, February 5, 2023

1978 Topps Superman

 1978 Topps Superman:  Somewhat quiet day of sports with no football so let's do some Superman.  DC announced their new slate of movies and TV shows this week, that will essentially reboot the DC universe.  Can't wait to see what we get.  Like most nine year-olds, I was stoked to have a superhero movie in 1978.  Superman was one I really liked though as an adult I'm surprised it didn't bore me a bit.  It tends to have a lot of setup and icky love story.  Great photo on this first card though not a scene I remember per se.
I definitely liked Superman II much more than this offering.  Still I really like this one and all the characters which were done really well by the actors and actresses portraying them.
The love story played a major part in this movie.  No issues.  Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder had great chemistry.
The movie facts on the back are somehow interesting.  Nothing is earth shattering but they provide good information.  Ursa..Superman II...I'm forever in love...just saying...

My sticker, which has the requisite gum stain from any pack from Topps in this era.  This was a fun pack.  Eleven cards isn't enough.  I definitely wanted more but these are good enough to wet the pallet.  I'll be grabbing some Superman II cards sometime soon.  The shot of Clark Kent on this last card is very simplistic but I really like it. 
11 – Total Cards
1 – Sticker


  1. I agree that Superman II was much better than the first.

  2. Pretty cool pack break. It's not often you get to crack open a 45 year old pack. I'm pretty sure I saw Superman in the theaters, but I might have rented it on VHS. Can't remember too much of the plot, but I do remember that Superman II was way better.

    1. Superman II cards rack pack will be shown off next week. Can't wait.