Friday, February 3, 2023

Random Wax: 1990 Donruss Baseball (3 Packs)

1990 Donruss:  Can never go wrong with Greg Maddux or 1990 Donruss which is one of my favorite sets of all-time.  This four-time Cy Young award winner was so fun to watch.  I know masterful is used to describe him and I wouldn't argue any.
Another Hall of Fame guy named Boggs and some guys with power from the era.  Gant would go on to hit 32 homeruns and .303 at the plate in 1990.  I like Gant and felt sorry for him.  He got hurt after the '93 season, didn't play in '94, and signed as a free agent for 1995 with the Reds.  Would have been fun watching him win a championship with the Braves that season.
The MVP cards are pretty lackluster.  That background makes me shake my head.
Maddux was only getting started.  No matter how good his '89 season was we had no idea what was to come.
Kruk was so much fun.  Lots of good hitting going on here.  Who was named an all-star the most?  Tony Fernandez five times while Kruk and Grace were all-stars three times.
Always liked that Bart Giamatti card.  Speaking of the Braves' World Series title in 1995, here's game 6 offensive hero David Justice.  The all-star cards in this set are favorites of mine.  Also a big fan of Dave Stewart.  Fun cards and great memories for me.

45 – Total Cards (3 Packs)
3 – Puzzle
3 – MVP
3 – Diamond Kings
2 – Rated Rookie
1 – All-Star
1 – Commissioner


  1. Wish Donruss used more action photos for this set, because that Maddux and Orosco look fantastic. And I still remember hearing about Giamatti suffering from a heart attack. Sad day for baseball. Kudos to Donruss and Topps for producing tribute cards for him.

    1. I agree about the action photos. Those spring training type photos don't help.

  2. I remember opening packs of this and Topps and thinking how Topps was so much better looking with all their colors.

    1. Topps normally gets the nod. But this is definitely a favorite of mine.