Sunday, June 16, 2024

McFarlane Kilowog & Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Gold Label Two Pack


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Today I'll show off the Gold Label Green Lantern two pack with Kilowog and Kyle Rayner.  I was very excited to see Kilowog being released and I was also wanting this version of Kyle Rayner with the white uniform front as well so it was a win win.
The Kilowog figure is a McFarlane megafigure standing 9" tall and he comes with a nice looking hammer as well as his own lantern.  I'm a big Green Lantern fan and wasn't sure we'd ever see this guy coming from McFarlane
This is a great looking figure.  Kilowog is one of the favorite Green Lanterns and is a drill sergeant training new Lanterns.  He's famous for calling newbies "Poozer" which means useless rookie.
Solid sculpt and look on this figure.  He's very solid in hand.  Fairly poseable considering how large he is.

No real complaints with this guy.  Love the look and figure.
Kyle Rayner, one of earth's Green Lanterns, also comes with his own lantern.  Rayner took over as earth's sole Green Lantern in the nineties as DC rebooted the series.  I've always liked his character but I admit it felt odd to go in a direction without any of the original earth Lanterns.  His character has a complicated history after he came onto the scene.
Kyle comes with two swords as well as armor which are all generated from his ring.
I prefer the smaller of the two swords.  My only issue with his figure is the mouth.  At some angles it looks like a goofy smile or even that he's had Botox injections. 
Outside of the face decisions they made, I like this figure and I'm very happy to have it as part of my collection.

Always fun when you can add favorite figures to your collection and Kilowog in particular will be a favorite of mine.



  1. Happy Father's day! Not very big on DC figures beyond Batman and Supes but these guys look great. Mcfarlane is killing it.

  2. Both of these figures look awesome. The only Green Lantern I'm familiar with is the Super Friends version from the 70's and 80's cartoon. Not sure if that's Kyle Rayner or not though.

    1. That was Hal Jordan. He's the one I grew up with as well from those same cartoons.