Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Random Wax: 2023-2024 Prizm Hanger Pack

23-24 Prizm: Jimmy Butler and the Heat had another disappointing season.  There are rumors he could be moved this offseason as Miami hasn't been keen to give him an extension based on his injury history.  Butler has played 60 or more games only twice in his five full seasons with the Heat.  His high was 64 games last season.  Still his time in Miami has been excellent as they've reached the NBA Finals twice.
This Prizm look is one I like.  Nice pull from this pack as well which had 20 cards.
Amongst these rookies we see an Orange Ice and Green Parallel.  Orange Ice Parallels are exclusive to hanger boxes.  Jaime Jaquez Jr. had a solid first year averaging 11 points per game.
Keldon Johnson regressed some this year but with the arrival of Wemby I'm sure he's not the only Spur to have his stats go down.  San Antontio was really bad.  It'll be interesting to see what they do to build around their young and talented core.
I really like these Dominance inserts with the red as opposed to blue seen in my previous Prizm post on the  Kyrie Dominance card.  It helps these are both favorite players of mine.  Not sure why they scanned differently sitting side by side though.  Unsure about Deep Space inserts but I'm always good with a LeBron pull.
20 – Total Cards
4 – RC
3 – Orange Ice Parallel
2 – Dominance
1 – Deep Space
1 – Green Parallel



  1. Voting for Anthony Edwards, who was barely touched, but needs to sell it to the ref.

    1. There's a few players he can take lessons from.