Sunday, June 23, 2024

Random Wax: 1990 Pro Set Football (4 Packs)

 1990 Pro Set: Deion was nothing if not colorful and we get to see him here in a great Atlanta Falcons uni.  Not enough photos of him in that all-time great uni.
Great players and photos.  I like all three of these for different reasons but all nice cards.
Two all-time great coaches as well as a NFL Collectible insert.
The backs of those Super Bowl Collectible cards are pretty nice. I really enjoy all the non-football specific information.  And they let the owner of one of the teams do the coin toss?  Doesn't seem like a conflict of interest at all.
Defensive excellence.
These Leader and Award Winner cards are another great opportunity to see greats from the game.  I like the Keith Millard photo.
Pro Bowl cards with in game photos and the Pro Bowl logo.  Nicely done.
Backs are really nice and colorful and hit the mark for what I want to see.  Ellard was always so good and he had Jim Everett throwing to him at this point.  The Rams went to the NFC Conference Championship in 1989 losing to eventual champion San Francisco 49ers.
Some Redskins and kicker love.  These are so many memories in this set and they are lots of fun.  I have plenty more to share over time.
60 – Total Cards
6 – Pro Bowl
4 – Super Bowl Collectibles
3 – Coaches
3 – League Leader
2 – Award Winner


  1. This was one of my absolute favorite sets as a kid. I loved the colorful borders and wordmark. I'd try to put together a set now if it it were worth it, but I'd have to see a cheap box or two at a show; the shipping cost is too prohibitive to buy or trade for these :/

  2. It's not worth it and the set or boxes are definitely found at better prices without shipping. Happy hunting - so much fun..

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love this set so much... and that era of football.