Friday, June 21, 2024

Random Wax: 2021 Topps Big League Baseball

2021 Big League Baseball:  The Toronto Blue Jays are struggling this season but Vlad Jr. is having a good if not great year.  I know Blue Jays fans would like for him to find his power stroke.  This is one of the three Orange Parallels in this pack.
Some nice star power in this pack.  Clayton Kershaw and his career 2.48 ERA are still injured and haven't taken the mound this year but I think he's expected back soon.
Jonah Heim showing off the hair.  All three of these youngsters haven't had much success yet but they have spent plenty of time in the majors.
We don't get all of a player's stats on these but it's still not a bad card back.

Tatis Jr. hot pack.  I like the look of the Wanted inserts.
I'm disappointed they don't have names with the photos but I get it might be tight.
Yordan Alvarez is having another excellent year in his age 27 season.
You have to think about it but yes those win totals are correct.  We're looking at 2020 which was a short season for baseball and many other sports.
Who woulda thunk Chris Sale would be doing this well after his trade to Atlanta.  He was the May National League pitcher of the month.  He's been huge for a starting staff dealing with injuries.

36 – Total Cards
5 – RC
4 – League Leaders
3 – Orange Parallel
2 – Award Winners
1 – Wanted
1 – Souvenirs
1 – Defensive Wizards


  1. This would have been a "hot" pack of cards for players I collect; Guerrero Jr, Harper, Tatis Jr and a Guardian on top of it.