Sunday, June 9, 2024

Random Wax: 2023 Score Football Blaster

2023 ScoreKhalil Mack had the best season of his career getting 17 sacks for the LA Chargers who struggled mightily to a 5-12 record.

Great trio of quarterbacks.  Really hoping Joe Burrow can stay healthy.  That Tua is one of the Gold Parallels.  This is a design I like.  My favorite score design in some time.
Great celebration photo.  I'm glad they didn't limit these to the players.
Really nice CJ Stroud pull on this 2003 Throwback Rookie card.  Jordan Addinson had a great rookie year with 70 receptions for the Vikings.
Protential are solid inserts.
Base card rookies.
Not my favorite Huddle Up design but I do like the huddle photos.
Big fan of the First Ballot inserts.  I really enjoy that we get to see retired greats in this set.
Really nice action photo of Chris Jones taking down Russel Wilson.
More retired great greatness.
Great photo.
That Gerald Everett card is a Lava Parallel #/565.
Three of the best receivers in the league.  Justin Herbert is hoping Jim Harbaugh can cure all the Chargers' ills.  Won't be that easy but there's hope in LA.   Great box of cards.  
132 – Total Cards
34 – RC
11 – Retired Greats
6 – Celebration
5 – Protential
4 – Huddle Up
4 – Gold Parallel
3 – Sack Attack
3 – 2003 Throwback Rookie
2 – First Ballot Hall of Fame
1 – Lava Parallel #/565


  1. I agree, great design. I bought a few of these packs.

    1. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up more if I found it in the stores.

  2. A. Whoa... Mack had 17 sacks. That's impressive. Glad he's still a force to be reckon with.

    B. That photo of Hill is sweet!

    C. Looks like Hutchinson is doing the Charleston or something.