Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Random Wax: 1990-1991 SkyBox Basketball (3 Packs)

90-91 SkyBoxNique is my favorite all-time player from the NBA.  Here he's also in an all-time great uni.  I might be biased.
K.J. isn't in the Hall of Fame but man was he good.  DJ is in the Hall and was such a great all-around guard.
Some favorites of mine from the era.  Jeff Hornacek was such a great three-point shooter and his career 40% from deep would definitely play well today.  He wasn't an outstanding defender but was good enough.  Johnny Moore and Alvin Robertson were excellent point guards and defenders back in the day.  Robertson was more of a scorer and was more highly decorated, and deservedly so, but don't sleep on Johnny Moore.
We didn't get stat totals but averages which was a huge win on the backs.  Photos are first rate as well.
I'm a big A.D. guy.  It was fun watching him score and he was a great from the era.  We all remember him being traded by the Pistons for Mark Aguirre and Detroit going on to win two NBA Championships.  But earlier in his career he was traded by the Laker to the Utah Jazz in 1979.  LA won the 1980 NBA Championship.  It wasn't because of that trade, but the poor guy missed out on multiple championships in his career.
Such great memories.  I could go on and on about these players.  Fun cards.
45 – Total Cards
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  1. This is one of my favorite sets from this era. I was gifted enough to put together most of the first series but still need a handful to complete it. If I get that completed, I may try to find a way to work on the second series.

  2. I loved this set when it came out... but eventually my collection was so cluttered with these that it lost its appeal. Then a few years ago, I found some in a flea market box I purchased and fell in love all over again. Love the effort Skybox put into matching the designs in the background with the photo. My favorites would be the Ron Harper and Adrian Dantley. But I would have been most excited about pulling the Tim Hardaway rookie card.

    1. I'm with you. I think I got burned out on it for a while but over time my love for the design and players won out.

  3. One of the all-time great designs.

  4. Voting for Mullin, Ewing, and 'Nique.