Tuesday, March 28, 2023

2022 Fleer Ultra Avengers Blaster

22 UD Fleer Ultra Avengers: I was looking forward to this set and grabbed a blaster when I saw them hit the shelves.  War Machine gets to lead us off.  Rhodey is a great partner for Iron Man.  Pretty good look at the armored hero though there is a lot going on.
The design on these really is nice.  It's simple and the art takes center stage.  These are on very thick stock.  Feels like wood they are so thick. I'm okay with it but it doesn't feel needed.  Would have appreciated more cards for my money as opposed to the card stock this thick.  Only 18 cards in a blaster.
The backs are simple but I like the info they provide on the character.  That with the color and comic image make this a win for me.
Here we have an Ultra Stars and a Medallion insert.  I like the Ultra Stars card but the Medallion is an all-foil background that doesn't do much for me.  Think silver and not the black look the scan makes it look like.
My Artist Spotlight insert.  This is a nice pull.  I really like Alex Ross so this hit the spot.
These are both green parallels.  Nice classic look at Thor while the Gamora art is not a look I'm familiar with.
My grandsons are getting into DC and Marvel trading cards but they aren't easy to find at friendly prices.  The older stuff isn't cheap nor are newer offerings.  I have found a few that aren't bad but wish it was easier to find affordable hero cards.  Good look at Hawkeye on this horizontal offering.
A couple of key X-Men cards.
Another green parallel in the form of a Greatest Battles insert.  This was a big story arc for Marvel and I think they had considered using it as the basis of a movie at some point.
This is the back of the Silver Age Avengers cards.  The front is below.  That Speed card is a Orange Foil parallel #/549.
I like both of these.  That Spider-Man really looks nice while I enjoy seeing classic comic covers so the Earth's Mightiest Spinoffs inserts is a nice pull.  The Checkmate Iron Patriot below isn't bad for a diecut.  Fun box of cards.  Not sure if I'll pick up more blasters but I'll definitely look for some singles.  

18 – Total Cards
3 – Green Parallels
1 – 3X3
1 - Medallion
1 - Checkmate
1 – Ultra  Stars
1 – Orange Foil #/549
1 – Artist Spotlight
1 – Greatest Battles
1 – Silver Age Avengers
1 – Earth’s Mightiest Spinoffs



  1. I have no idea about these cards, but fun to see the Fleer Ultra name!

  2. Saw a box break on YT and liked the overall look of this set. If I can across a box at Target I might grab it for a rainy day... but I'd rather find an affordable complete set on eBay.

  3. Only 18 cards in a box? Probably 25 bucks for the blaster. Bummer if that's the case; I would have been interested. Thanks for showing off the cards!