Sunday, March 19, 2023

Random Wax: 2021-2022 Hoops Blaster with Relic

21-22 Hoops: We're in the throes of March Madness as well as the final few weeks of the NBA regular season so some Hoops basketball it is.  I bought this over a year ago and finally posting the highlights.  This guy!  When healthy, Kevin Durant is the best player in the game today in my opinion.  But he's got to stay healthy.  Phoenix looked really good in the limited time he was on the court with them.
Simple but good Hoops feeling design here.  Some really good guards here.  Donovan Mitchell has taken it to a new level with the Cavs while Murray is now an Atlanta Hawk.  
None of these guys have made their mark in the NBA yet but Toscano-Anderson does have a championship ring playing for the Warrriors.  He was also a fan favorite while playing there.
I love Slam inserts.  I read it back in its early days in the 90s.  They just have a cool vibe.  Pure Players and Arriving Now aren't bad but not overly exciting.
Frequent Flyers is a nice looking card as is the Rookie Remembrance Relic.  I like seeing veterans in their early years.
Lights Camera Action is always fun and these horizontal takes are even better.  Another good pull as Steph is a favorite of mine.
More star power from the box.
And it only gets money is on Jokic to win his third straight MVP.  I love watching him play.
Don't sleep on this guy or the Kings.  They are so good and might be the second-best team in the Western Conference depending on where KD's health stands.

There are 88 cards in a blaster but this one really seemed to deliver.
These three are some of my favorites and PC guys in the game today.  Fun box.  Really fun.  We'll end it with maybe the third guy in the league's MVP race.
88 – Total Cards
12 – RC
3 – Blue Parallel
2 – Lights Camera Action
1 – Slam
1 - Skyview
1 – Pure Players
1 – Arriving Now
1 – Purple Parallel
1 – Frequent Flyers
1 – Rookie Remembrance Relic



  1. Always fun to see Hoops cards, thanks for showing them off!

  2. The Slam insert is awesome! Loved that magazine. Wish I would have kept all of my back issues. I still have a poster of Kobe from one of the issues hanging up in my office.

    1. That's great. Wish I had kept those magazines. Fun times.