Thursday, March 23, 2023

Random Wax: 2021-2022 Contenders Basketball

21-22 Contenders:  Sweet 16 baby!  Devin Booker and the Suns are hoping the addition of Kevin Durant will put them over the top.  But don't overlook Booker.  I tend to but then see him play and go yeah, this guy is amazing.
KAT has been hurt most of the season but somehow the Timberwolves are still right there in the playoff hunt.  Joel Embiid will give Nikola Jokic a run for the MVP this year but I still think The Joker wins his third in a row.
Fun seeing retired greats like Vlade Divac here.  Santi Aldama is a solid player for Memphis averaging nine points per game but a guy whose name I didn't recognize.
Showing off the backs for a change of pace.  Ja Morant is a great of the game but has to figure out some things off the court.  Ingram is having another excellent year for the Pelicans who have struggled again with Zion out with injury.  And Luka is just amazing.  It does feel like he plays out of control at times but it works for him.
Middleton needs to find his groove again after his shooting has fell off this year.  Speaking of Zion...   And Rudy Gobert has struggled with Minnesota after they traded away a ton to get him.  I always enjoy Contenders and this was another fun pack.

22 – Total Cards
2 – 2021 Draft Class
1 – Retired Great
1 – Bronze Game Ticket
1 – International Ticket


  1. My sister's family can't wait for Durant to return to the Suns. The combination of Booker, Paul, and Durant is gonna be entertaining for even the most casual basketball fans (like myself).

    1. It should be for everyone. Looking forward to it myself. They could be crazy good.