Thursday, March 30, 2023

2023 Topps Baseball Hanger Box

2023 Topps:  Happy Opening Day!  I have no love for the Yankees but this dude had a crazy good season last year. Judge not only hit 62 homeruns but also hit .311 on the way to winning his first MVP award.  He also led the league in runs (133), RBIs (131), walks (111), OBP (.425) and a few other key stats.  Amazing year and he was rewarded with betting on himself with a yuge contract.
I really like the design this year.  Reminds me some of '84 Topps but better.  I like that headshot, the logo, and home plate with the player position.  I won't hesitate to pick up more of these.
I'm hoping Ozzie Albies can bounce back from injury and have a good season in 2023.
Youngsters are always fun to see how they'll do.  Casas has made Boston's opening day roster and can't wait to see what he does on the big stage.
This is a checklist card.  They've had fun with these in recent years and I like it.
More youngsters.
One of the team cards.  The backs are just as good as the fronts with stats from the season.
Stars of MLB are a hit with many collectors and I like them.  They have another good design this year and they aren't hard to find.
Standard League Leaders card but always fun.
Greatness.  Even with some below average years of late, Miggy is still a career .308 hitter.
Topps goes back to 1988 for their retro design this year.  Not the worst design but a logo, even a small one in the bottom right, could have helped it quite a bit.  I guess Topps isn't doing an Opening Day release this year which really disappoints me. I know it isn't for everyone but I love the logo and release.
These guys got the band back together in New York this season.
Waino and Yadi are Cardinal legends.  Yadi retired after last season and this is the last year for Wainwright.  I like the photo on the Yadi card.  Fun box of cards and a good design in 2023.  Good start to collecting.

67 – Total Cards
10 – RC
4 – Stars of the MLB
2 – Team Card
2 – Rookie Cup
1 – Leader
1 – Checklist
1 – Future Stars
1 – RC/Rookie Cup
1 – One-Two Punch
1 – 1988 Topps Baseball