Sunday, February 21, 2021

1997 Topps Football Pack

1997 Topps Football:  This is the last pack from an eBay lot purchase some time ago.  The design isn't my favorite.  The top border and lack of anything at the bottom throws me off.  The red borders appear on the cards of NFC players and green borders are on the AFC teams.  Does that make any sense?

Not much star power in this pack.  When you go back to 1997 you're hoping to grab guys like Favre, Marino, Young, Rice, Elway, Sanders and Rice.  
I like the backs for the most part.  The photo, stats and write-up are all nice.  The gold border seems out of place.  The red and green work so why put that jarring gold border in there?

Even though I wasn't thrilled with the design or my pull this pack was still fun.  Love going down memory lane with old packs and especially with sets I've never seen before.  

11 - Total Cards
1 - Mystery Finest


  1. Oh, that was a bit of rough one! This is the kind of pack that I usually end up getting :(

    1. I don't get a ton of these but it was a bit of a stinker.

  2. When I was a kid, I'd read these baseball statistic books: American League Red Book & National League Green Book. I was going to say the green and red match these, but that have they have red representing the Nationals and green representing the Americans for these trading cards.

    1. I'd forgotten about those books. I remember them being advertised but don't think I remember picking any up. The colors definitely confuse me here.