Sunday, February 7, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Score Football

2020 Score Football: Tom Terrific kicks this one off.  It'll be amazing if he can take Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl victory in his first year with the team.  It's crazy enough that he had as good a year as he did at age 43.  Great photo on this card.
Not the strongest pack per se when it comes to star power.
These inserts are really busy but I like them.  
Nice Chase Young pull.  He was the real deal for the Redskins this year.  I love Derrick Henry.  Ole boy is a beast!
Julio and the Falcons had a really down year.  Gotta hope new coach Arthur Smith can turn things around.  Their offense is too good to struggle like it does.
Yeah still not getting the Deep Dive inserts.  I got nothing.
It was fun to see the Browns do well this year and I love the Baker Mayfield's commercials where he lives at the stadium.  So funny.  A fun pack and we're one day closer to the big game.  Was this Drew Brees' last season?

40 – Total Cards
7 – RC
4 – Next Level
3 – Red Parallel
2 – Game Face
2 – In the Zone
1 – 3D
1 – Deep Dive
1 – Huddle Up



  1. Love the two Big Ten QB bookends, especially that Brady card. Go BLUE!

    1. I'll be wearing my Brady Michigan jersey tonight. Go Blue!

  2. Well, at least you got one good card out of the pack :)

  3. The Huddle Up card is cool. And although I'm not a fan of overproduced inserts... I've got to admit Panini did a great job of selecting that photo of Brady.