Friday, February 26, 2021

2021 Topps Baseball Blaster

2021 Topps Baseball:  They finally made it to my small corner of the world so I picked up a blaster, a few hanger boxes and some smaller packs.  Let's kick it off with the blaster and the man himself.  This blaster was like a Mike Trout hot box.  Three of his cards including this one.  Love it.  I'm a big fan and he is so frickin great.  
I wasn't sure about these when the press photos came out last year.  Folks talked about how they looked like last year's Donruss.  Once I got them in hand there were no issues at all.  These are really sharp looking cards.  Crisp with really good photos for the most part.  My only complaint, and a complaint of almost everyone, is that teeny tiny font.  What moron at Topps thought that was a good idea?  Still I like the design so I'll overlook it for now.
The backs are fairly good with the stats we like to see. 
The youngsters have their day with the normal RC, Rookie Cup and Future Stars variety.  Or the Rookie Cup/RC card in the case of that Alec Bohm card.
Two team cards here. I like the inserts and stats/facts/team leaders on the back.
Here ya see a royal blue parallel which I like and a rainbow parallel and a league leader.  The rainbow parallels don't do anything for me in hand but aren't bad looking cards.  I'd like if the league leader cards had a stat on the front.  Something as easy as "HR XX" with XX being the player's homerun total.
Checklist cards show players in any any variety of situations and are nice cards.  If you count this as a Trout card I actually pulled four Trouts in this blaster.  

Here we have the 1986 Topps 35th Anniversary, Chrome, and Stars in Service inserts.  Not a big fan of the '86 set but these are okay.  I do like the Stars in Service cards showing players supporting the community in various ways.  This card is only one example.  
My relic.  Not bad looking cards.
Glad Topps and MLB didn't shy away from the masks that were 2020.  It wasn't overly done but you see players wearing them whether that be in the dugout, at the plate or even in the field.
Did I say I pulled a few Trouts?  This is a Topps 70 Years in Baseball insert. This set shows players on cards of various designs throughout the years.
The 1952 Topps Redux inserts are one I like.  Not sure why but it works for me. 
And I pulled Ronald Acuna Jr.  Whoo hoo.  This was a fun box.  I like the design and the photos are good.  And if you're still looking for that last Trout, it is below.  I'm looking forward to more of these throughout the year.

99 – Total Cards
16 – RC
7 - 1952 Topps Redux
5 – Future Stars
3 - Team
3 - Checklist
3 – League Leaders
2 – Rookie Cup
2 – Royal Blue Parallel
2 - 1986 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary (1 – Black #/299)
1 – Topps Chrome
1 – RC/Rookie Cup
1 – Rainbow Foil
1 – Stars in Service
1 – 70th Anniversary Patch
1 - 70 Years of Topps Baseball


  1. Pretty decent break, congrats! The Robinson relic really is a nice-looking card. How much did the blaster cost you?

    1. Thanks! I picked it up at my local Wal-Mart so the blaster was $20.

  2. Pulled a Ernie Banks relic card like that Jackie Robinson. Agree, terrific looking w/ that 70th Anniversary logo.

    1. I like them. Hoping to pull some more in the future.

  3. Although Topps is sort of going over the top with using past designs for insert sets... it's cool to see Trout on the 1956 design.

    1. Seems like one past design per set would be more than enough.

  4. I do have to say that I really like the Topps cards from this year. I have not seen all the inserts yet, but I like the 1986 insert because that is around the year I started collecting. I am going to try to collect the Hall of Famers in the 1986 Topps insert set.

    1. I've got at least '86 insert I'll throw your way.

  5. If you are interested in trading the Carslon blue, I would love a shot at it. I have a 2021 Chipper Jones 70th patch to start with

    1. It's yours. I'll contact you and we can work it out.

  6. You lucked out here for sure. The Jackie manupatch thing, the Trouts, and a royal blue rookie are nice pulls. I know Topps keeps recycling their old designs but the '56 style Trout is a fantastic card! As for the base set, my favorite here is the sliding Acuna, with the throwback Bohm rookie right behind it.

    1. I'm really happy with this blaster and this set. Some fun cards and a good pull never hurts!