Sunday, February 14, 2021

2018 Prizm NASCAR Blaster

2018 Prizm NASCAR:  The season starts today with NASCAR's most celebrated race of year at Daytona.  This is one of those few products you can still find hanging around the shelves at some Wal-Marts.  Kyle Busch is my favorite driver and he already won the Busch Clash on Tuesday night.  Hopefully it is a sign of things to come this season.  The Explosion inserts aren't bad looking in hand.  As with most shiny cards scans don't always do them justice.

A couple retired greats here.  Dale Jr. was always fun as a driver and is great in the booth now.  Jeff Burton has taken well to the booth as well.  The base design is okay but not overly exciting.
Nice looking Fireworks insert.  I like cards that are able to show the driver and their car.
Both of these are Vortex inserts with that one on the right being a camo parallel.  Good looking inserts.
This G-Force card shows Carl Edwards' car.  Definitely not a paint scheme I associate him with but I think it was from his last season or next to last season.
Hannah is now a NASCAR reporter for various outlets.  Hailie Deegan and Bubba Wallace were the names I was really looking for in this blaster but no luck.  The backs don't have stats which is a foul.  NASCAR stats work well in telling the story of a driver's season.  
The base cards do look good next to each other when placed side by side.  I'm not the fan of shiny cards most collectors are but this set wasn't bad. Some good inserts and mix of current and past drivers makes for some fun.  Pulling Danica Patrick is always a plus.

24 – Total Cards
5 – Retired Greats
3 – Camo Parallels
2 - Vortex
2 – Fireworks
2 - Explosion
2 – Star Gazing
1 – RC
1 – G-Force
1 – Team Tandems


  1. I like the Vortex inserts... with the driver/car photographs.

    1. I agree. Enjoy when they give us car and driver cards.