Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Random Wax: 2019-2020 Chronicles Box Break (Houston Rockets)

2019-2020 Chronicles Basketball: I received these as part of break held by Ben over at Ben's Cards and Collectibles last year.  Great breaks and very affordable. Check him out.  This was a random break and  Houston my team.  With Harden and Westbrook it isn't the worst team to grab that is for sure.  We'll kick it off with his Score red parallel #/149.
These are base Chronicles cards.  I like this deign.  The rest of the set is made up of cards from other sets in the Panini portfolio.  Plenty of variety though the focus is on rookies which means it can be a bit lean on veterans sometimes. 

My pull included two of the these Threads branded cards. Simple clean look.
Prestige and Panini brand cards.  I like the Prestige but it really needs a team logo as does the Panini card.  Fun cards overall. Not a huge fan of Harden who is now a Brooklyn Net but dude is amazing good.  Same goes for Westbrook.  I still have Jazz, Suns and Pelicans to show off some time. 

10 – Total Cards
7 – James Harden
4 - Chronicles
4 – Russell Westbrook
2 – Panini Threads
1 – Panini
1 – Prestige
1 – Rookies & Stars
1 – Score Red Parallel #/149

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