Saturday, February 6, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Playoff Football

 2020 Playoff Football: Today's and tomorrow's posts will highlight the two starting quarterbacks and likely stars of the game.  Patrick Mahomes is a favorite of mine so this matchup is so tough for me when I try to figure out who to root for.  I've been pretty up front with my man crush on Tom Brady but I have to say Patrick Mahomes isn't far behind him.  We'll kick this one off with this shiny insert.

Good pull in this pack.  There were plenty of other veteran stars apart from Patrick Mahomes to be found.  Surprised to see Philip Rivers retire but I think he's a hall of famer when he hits the ballot.  He's been overshadowed a bit by the legendary quarterbacks that have played at the same time as him.
I like this insert and the fact they include retired greats is even better.  

Great RC pull of Justin Herbert.  Pending Joe Burrow's return from injury he is head of the 2020 quarterback class and the hope for Chargers fans everywhere.  
Like many I really expected Cam Newton to fair better with the New England Patriots.  I feel for both and hope Cam can bounce back next year.
Retired greats are my favorite part of this set.  This was a fun pack of cards. I could have just as easily started this off with Alvin Kamara but  Mahomes takes center stage this weekend.  Great pack with plenty of fun and good players.

40 – Total Cards
6 – RC
4 – Retired Greats
2 – Green Parallel
1 – Call to Arms
1 – Thunder & Lightning
1 – Goal Line Parallel (Blue)


  1. That's a good pack. I heard sone sports radio talk about Rivers being in the HOF. They were making the argument that he shouldn't get in because he was never one of the top 3 at his position. They said the same for Frank Gore. I thought it was a weak argument because that criterion would seem to punish guys for playing in an era that might be saturated with a certain position and because there are already players in the Hall that nobody is arguing about, even though they were never top 3. Take Jim Kelly for example. He was competing against Montana, Marino, Elway, Moon, Aikman, Favre, Young, etc. It's hard to crack the top 3 there. But is anyone arguing he doesn't belong? No, he absolutely deserves it. I think Rivers does too.

    1. Can't agree more. That era Kelly was in stacked as well. Good points.

  2. Wow! You do not disappoint in this pack of cards...again! Absolutely love the look of that Steelers insert card (and I will be looking out for that card) and the Polamalu card. Go Steelers! I totally agree that Rivers is a Hall of Famer.

  3. Cool Mahomes! I have a few random football cards from the last 2-3 years, but I don't think I even have a base card of his. I probably should get one.

    1. I've been fairly lucky pulling his cards so I can't complain. I'm a big fan which makes it that much more fun.

  4. Miss me some Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. I like the balance mix of retired and current stars in this pack.

  5. Retired greats really add to the fun.