Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Imperial Snowtrooper (Hoth) 6 Inch Star Wars The Black Series Archives Figure

 Star Wars The Black Series Imperial Snowtrooper (Hoth): I freed this guy from his packaging in 2019 but somehow never posted the photos I took back then.  As a kid stormtroopers were my favorite Star Wars characters with the snowtrooper being at the tops of the list.  I was real happy to see this guy as part of the Black Series release. 
This guy looks like he should be in snow right by Darth Vader's side.

I like this guy.  Now I just need to find one for the grandsons.  This was quick and easy.  I obviously didn't do a ton of different angled shots but you get the idea.  I hope everyone has stayed safe and warm during these cold days.


  1. Nice shots! Perfect weather to break this guy out.

  2. Looks like that age-old question about "What kind of house does a snowtrooper live in?", has been answered! :)