Friday, March 5, 2021

2016 MLB Stickers

 2016 Topps MLB Stickers: We'll keep the stickers theme going this week with some MLB stickers from 2016.  Didn't have many of these but I know there were other stickers that I had used on the end of card boxes to identify the team so I don't know how many packs I bought back in the day.

Some of those that ended up on card boxes would have made my pull look a little better.  There were also team logo stickers in the set which I liked.  There were a total of 301 stickers in the set.  
A decent design though there is way too much white at the bottom.  Still this probably worked within an album where you'd put the stickers.  I liked the stickers but wish there had been some variety.  Looking at the checklist I really don't see any outside of the team logo stickers.  Still fun to look back at the players.  Only five years but seems longer looking at the players that were promient then.  I still don't know what I'll do with these but I'm sure I'll figure out something.


  1. I’ve purchased a few packs of the 2011 sticker set, and it was fun. Wish I would’ve picked up more that year and got close to getting the set. It’s nice seeing some of the years I’ve missed.
    I haven’t got any more stickers until this year when they happened to be just about the only thing not picked through at Target, and I figured my son would like them. He did and we are maybe 2/3 of the way from finishing the book/set. Unfortunately this year I don’t think I’ll be doing the sticker set just because it only has 3 stickers per pack at the same price point.

    1. They are fun and definitely something I think kids would enjoy just like some of us did when young. And only 3 per pack? That's horrible.